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    Cross-posted to T600 forum as well:

    Anyone found a solution to getting this program to connect to the outgoing (SMTP) servers? Searched and found a reference to changing the smtp server to, but that doesn't seem to work either. (yes, the username and password are correct; thanks for asking) The problem began for me just recently. Prior to that, I could send via the cox smtp server. Now, no joy. PCS BC works fine, but I like having the Palm email program as a backup. ESP. since BC can't/won't handle attachments.


    Bob Duckworth
  2. #2 is correct; I have SSL *unchecked*; it took me a while to get my ID & PWD correct. Make sure you have the correct email ID & PWD by going to the web site and logging in there to get your email - make sure that when you click on the email link it challenges you for your email password (sometimes when you log into the overall site it won't ask you for your email password specifically).

    I struggled with it for a couple days and finally gave up, called tech support (from a landline ), got to a Sprint Vision tech (those are the smart ones), and had him reset my email password while I waited - then I tried it out and didn't let him off the phone till it worked. No issues since then!
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    A related question:
    I have a Sprint Treo 600, and use the Handspring/PalmOne email program. I'd like to add a Pop3 account, one which isn't listed when you go to Menu, then View, then Edit Accounts, and New. My choices are AT&T, BellSouth, Comcast, Earthlink, SBC, and Yahoo. IT DOES NOT LIST "OTHER" AS A CHOICE, although I've read that it should list "other" where you can manually enter the email info.
    Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm worried about un-installing the program and then re-installing for fear of losing some email messages that I have saved on my Treo for future reference purposes.

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    Thanks. I'll poke at it a bit before I get too frustrated.

    I did have to call Viion tier 2 to get my password reset, so maybe time will resolve this issue. Thanks for the reply.

    Bob Duckworth
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    Keg 11: Just choose one and edit the name later when you have it all set up. You will need the name of the POP3 server that you intend to utilize.

    Good Luck,

    Bob Duckworth

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