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    As I understand it, the stereo capability of the Treo is 'discovered' by the impedance of the jack. If stereo then x if not then y. Simple, so it seems. But there is a button to switch between phone and stereo listening on Seidio 2 in 1 Headset.

    Ok, here it is for all you smart developers out there, would it be possible to write an app that detects the impedance and automatically switches between the 2 listening modes- phone and stereo?

    Is the button really needed if it is a hardware thing that software could detect and change?
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    That already happens. No need for an app. The problem lies in the headset and the leads, which contains 3 conductors. The mic on the headset and one of the channels share a conductor.
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    So, is that why you have to switch from Stereo to Phone with the button? There is no way to automatically switch from one to the other?
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    I remember reading a thread where someone talked about Skullcandy planning such a headset. An electronic switch on the line is doable, but would most likely keep the ringer from being heard over the headset as in the Seidio 2-in-1.

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