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    Hi, just got my Treo 600 updated AGAIN with FW 3.04, all went well, but....options for [connection] was gone, i.e., [Pref] --[Connection] became [__________] ( empty ) as showed with PIC_1.jpg. Hotsync was possible only when Custom connection was created manually ( cradle vs PC ) as PIC_3.jpg.
    Besides GPRS couldn't be reached.

    This Treo 600 is one Orange France. The first upgrade ( why ? , the story was gone with the last discussion board crash ) succeed .... not smoothly. Hotsync was not possible with empty connection seting , but right after one successful hotsyn, all were back ( IR, Cradle/Cable, Modem etc. ).

    Frequent self-reset was noted later, I decided to try 2nd upgrade ( FW 3.04 ). It was done smoothly with method A. Again, all connection options was gone right after the upgrade. But this time, no return even after one succesfffful hotsync.

    Any comment would be appreciate.
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    Where did you download the 3.04 firmware? What is all that toysoft stuff?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Reading
    Where did you download the 3.04 firmware? What is all that toysoft stuff?

    ps.. me = sunkist = sunkist610 ...
    for some unknow reason, the activation email never reached me, I had to register another ID as sunkist610. The treocentral staffs had upgrade this account.

    I did the 2nd upgrade in some Violent way ----
    1) No backup, delete original user profile
    2) Battery Disconnect Reset
    3) FW 3.04 upgrade ( method A )
    4) Voila....

    (A) Is it the issue of missing some *.PDB ( for connection ) ?
    (B) Or I have to run some ROMupdate ?
    Mayday ! thanks.

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