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    We've recently switched a few Treos from Sprint to T-Mobile. People have noticed that the voicemail envelope in the upper right corner of the phone screen doesn't appear on the T-Mobile phone. I've searched around and have read that there is a "Phone Preferences" menu in the Sprint phone which is not visible on the T-Mobile phone... how much does each carrier modify the OS on the phone?

    Anybody have any ideas?

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    Yeah, this really annoys me. Is it a technical limitaiton with T-Mo's network, I wonder?
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    Yup! T-mobile is one of the very few (if not the only one) providers that doesn't send a standard GSM signal when you have voicemail. Therefore, the lil' envelope is not-functional on T-mobile's network. Instead, they send an annoying SMS everytime you have voicemail.

    Some guy started a "campaign" asking T-mobile to implement the functionality (can't locate the thread right now).
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    well... not everywhere on T-Mobile. I have _always_ gotten an indicator that I have voice mail waiting with t-mo. Even back when I had a 270. It is an indicator that looks like a reel-to-reel tape ... O_O

    I also get a snowflake in the menu bar.

    I have _never_ gotten an SMS indicating that I have voive mail.
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    I have seen the snowflake on my T-Mobile Treo 600. I also get a phone screen "You missed a call" with the option to call back as well as the occasional SMS "You have voicemail", Dial *123 to retreive. Yesterday I got the SMS inidcating on its face (accurately) that I had two voicemails.
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    That blinking asterisk at the top left is only for missed alerts. You can click it to view the alert you missed. I've only seen it twice in over 2 yrs (treo 180 and treo 600) that I've been with TMO. As for the envelope (which is an ugly tape reel icon if you don't use any graphic overlays) it's always behaved as gekz explained for me. I get an SMS when I get new voicemail, it will say how many voicemails if there are multiple ones. I always figured it was just a TMO thing since other friends of mine exhibit different behavior on their phones...
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    I think the asterisk only shows up when there are multiple "alerts", ie, an SMS AND a datebook alarm. I don't think the missed call screen behaves like an SMS would wrt the alert.

    also, where does the tape reel show up ? I have one on top of the #1 on my dialpad, but it is always there (to indicate the speed dial for voicemail).
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    most of t-mo network gets an sms.

    If you happen to be in an area where t-mo acquired another tel-co service and they had the vm indicated, you kept it.

    every couple of months a huge flame war erupts on the t-mo (voicestream) newsgroups about this.

    i dont care either way.
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    Thanks for the information everybody. On further search, I found more info...
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    I have ALWAYS had a VM envelope icon on both my treo 180 and treo 600 on T-mobile in the southeast. Can't imagine that helps you but... well... now you know.
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    Maybe it's a southern thang. We get grits, gumbo, and envelope icons with our T-Mo. Of course, even when I travel to the no'th or the west I continue getting the envelope icon for my voicemail. <shrug>
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    Nah, I'm up north and get SMS. And I also had it back on my Treo 180. Good 'ol dialpad #1 button always displays Mr.Envelope! It never goes away... maybe it just wants us to feel special, like we've always got messages heheh

    But anyway, about that blinking asterisk. According to PalmOne it's an "attention manager". More about it can be found on their support page here.
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    No envelope in Texas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by winebrat
    No envelope in Texas.
    So you get the icon only when you have a message?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jennyfur
    So you get the icon only when you have a message?
    Sorry jennyfur. I just get the SMS, sometimes the flashing star. I tried, I believe it was treobutler that would actually change the color of the LED light to reflect a waiting message (sms or vm), but it never worked. I remember Alli stating in an much older post that treobutler worked for her (the LED color change on messages) and we're both on TMo. I'm guessing it's network specific.?
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    I, too, thought that T-Mobile USA was one of the few GSM networks that don't use the envelope icon. However, last year I discovered that Vodafone, a giant European GSM provider, also uses SMS's for voicemail notification at least in the UK. When I complained in London to a friend who uses another network (I don't remember which), he said that he doesn't get an icon either on his network.
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    I have been a long time T-Mo user, and I've always gotten an SMS Message when I have voicemail.

    My old Nokia phones would display an Envelope icon when ever a SMS message came in. The icon would stay there until you deleted all the messages on the phone.

    When ever I get voicemail, email, SMS, or MMS on my Treo 600, I get an Alert notifying that I have a message. The Alert generally tells me how many messages of that type that I have. If I press the Snooze button, I will get a blinking star in the upper right hand corner indicating I have a pending Alert. If instead, I press the Done button, the Alert goes away. If I press the Goto button, the Alert goes away and it takes me to the message.

    This works fine for me, other than I'd love to have a configurable Snooze time per Alert.

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