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    It seems like many Treo 600 users can send SMS without a problem while others cannot. Upon sending an SMS message, about every other time I get a blank screen and must reset my Treo. It is so bad that SMS is essentially unusable.

    Is there a fix for this or should I ship the phone back to HS for replacment?

    Does anyone know if the newer firmware (3.04?) will correct this SMS problem. Is anyone having a problem similar to mine or is this issue specific to my unit. I have very little additional software added.

    Treo 600 (GSM) on Cingular (recently purchased new)
    Firmware: 02.12
    Software: reo600-1.11-CNG
    Hardware B

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    May have discovered the source of this problem. It appears to be because I had the signature feature turned on. Once I turned this off, it does not appear to lockup. Can anyone else test this to see if occurs on their phone?

    If I turn the signature feature back (only had my 3 letter name in it), it locks up again after sending 1 to 2 messages. This is great for me as I had only turned this feature on playing around...signatures on SMS are probably useless anyway <g>.

    Perhaps this will be resolved in the new firmware update for Cingular once we get it.

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