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    Anyone eles using the Handmark EXPRESS service having periodic reset problems?

    I have my auto-sync scheduled for 9am every day. Sometimes, I get an error message during the auto sync along the lines of:

    "Do you really want to delete the selected application"....

    I just hit NO and click UPDATE

    Also, resets seem to occur when I am in the Express Application and I try to make or recieve a call.

    Any other experiences?
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    Well I have this app,and I don't see the reset issue that you are having. Interestingly, though, there is one thing that DID happen to me - after a recent auto sync, it looks like the app put a new channel on the Page One home page, one called 'Express' (as opposed to News, Sports, Weather, etc), and if I click on that channel, I used to get a soft-reset. Now, though, if I click on that (the little channel icon is a red envelope), I get something along the lines of 'the application cannot be launched because of a system error'. Woops - I just tried it and got a reset. The ##377 log shows:
    reset while running <unknown application>. hmmmm

    I don't seem to have had any issues with making or taking calls while in the Express app, but it's possible that I haven't been in that exact same scenario yet. (but in order to MAKE a call, as opposed to taking one, you'd have to leave the Express app anyway - so am I missing something there?)
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    Beginning over the weekend, I have been getting a lot of soft resets from Express, particularly in the Movies function, and if an update of a particular service seems to be taking too long. I e-mailed Handmark Support this morning, but haven't heard back from them yet. If I find out anything useful, I'll let you know.
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    My T6 did the "delete the selected application" problem as well. It never did it before I ran the Cingular update however. It also hangs while trying to update if I have the my treo keylocked. And this is what I'm paying 6.99 a month for!?
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    i'm having a reset problem with express as well....i used to use express with no problems but lately whenever i try to launch express, i get the 'white screen of death' at which time i have to do a soft reset....i read other threads about having pxaclocker disabled when using it, but still a no go for me. i 've even done a hard reset, uninstalled pxaclocker from my backup, and express still doesnt work.....what's going on??
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    still not even a hint to the problem or solution from anyone....?? i know someone has had this problem and had it fixed.....nothing else i can try..?? i contacted support for this , but it's been two days and no response, i would hate to stop my monthly subscription for this app because i really love it....someone help please!!!!
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    If you guys downloaded the new recent firmware, you might need to download the new version.

    What I hate about the program is that when you look up something in 411 and then want to map it, it disconnects from vison and that has to sign on again to download the map.
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    <p>i downloaded the latest version of express after the 1.12 uPdate,and I still get the white screen....??</p>
    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!
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    I manually update Pocket Express. Less headaches that way.
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    Ditto with KevMeister. I manually update Express and have no problems.
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    actually, when I hit preferences > Channels > and switch from 2 line to 1 line - boom soft reset city - happens every time.
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    I just downloaded this 3 days ago. Seemed like a great idea.

    I also run Chatter. If Chatter is connected and listening for my email. Express will get maybe one channel and then lock up and I have to do a soft reset.

    And then other times, I have it get updates at 7am, so when I'm heading to work I can check out what's new. Most morning I wake up to my Treo slower than mud and have to do a soft reset.

    I like the idea of the program, but it needs work.
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