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    I use a calling card to make international calls on my Treo 600, but it's cumbersome. Can anyone suggest an easy method?

    To use my calling card, I only have to dial a local access number and then the international number that I am trying to reach. I have the calling card local access number setup as a speed dial button.

    Currently, here are the steps I perform each time I want to make a calling card call: go to phonebook app, look up the number I want to call, copy it, go to speed dial, edit the "calling card" speed dial button, paste the phone number as the extra digits to dial, dial the calling card speed dial button.

    There must be an easier way! I don't want to setup speed dial buttons for all international phone numbers in my phone book. If you use a calling card with your Treo, how do you do it??
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    I would be interested in doing this as well. I still do not understand how to make treo send in some numbers after it has dialed a phone number. Postpending the numbers after a p (pause) does not appear to work.
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    what kind of calling card do you have? i use the prepaid calling card from I setup the speed dial in the (under my acct) and i just need to press <speed_dial_number> + #
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    What about making the calling card number a "favorites" entry with "extra digits"? (Edit the favorites entry, select "more", enter extra digits). After you connect to the main number, a button appears to enter the extra numbers.
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    By using a calling card are you still deducted minutes from your plan? I would believe you would be
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    Get TAKEphONE from
    It's a nifty dialer that also handles calling cards. In fact that's all i really use if for.
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    SUPERFIRE: I use Net2Phone, but I am looking for an easier method than having to setup a speed dial everytime I call an overseas number.

    COLJAC: Maybe I misunderstand, but isn't that what I am already doing? I'm trying to prevent having to setup a separate calling card "favorites" button for every overseas number I might call.

    WIKKA: Thanks, I have looked at TAKEphONE, but was hoping others have figured a way to do this without having to install that product.

    WEBTRADER: Yes, I am charged plan minutes, but I am getting better overseas long distance rates with my calling card.

    Other people must be using the TREO to make calling card calls - how are YOU doing it?

    Thanks for the response! Love TreoCentral!


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