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    I apologize in advance for this being posted in the wrong forum, but I thought more people would see, and want to read it, here. I feel sorry for those having problems with their 600 AND subscribe to ATT wireless service.

    Check it out:
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    Not to defend AT&T, however SOMEONE had to be the lowest.

    Whenever I see something like this I'm reminded of the FACT that Volvos are the "safest".

    Until one finds out that the difference between "safest" and "least safe" is statistically unimportant...
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    you know, i was a very happy attws customer with ATT TDMA service. Thier GSM is just not there, and even though I just signed a 2 year contract with them , I might break it given how difficult it is becoming to get anything done with this as well as the quality of calls
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    One of the reasons they got SOOO many complaints was the number portability scams they ran. If you started your number port a week before your last day of the bill cycle they would take 8 days, and bill you for a whole extra month. If you started 5 days before the end, it would take 6. Basicly there was a consistant pattern to thier business practice with respect to number ports. Due to the way it was set up, they always had the excuse of the main hold up was your new company. Luckly my wifes cell was still at&t and I bypassed the C.S rep and went to a salesman and explained that if they didnt do the right thing and fix my 1 day charge of $40 they would loose $50/month right then and there.

    Basic moral is yes, someone has to be last, but they deserve to be last. There service is great, but they are out to charge you for every cent they can squeeze from you!
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    Where to begin? Where to end?

    When I was with ATT WS, the customer service agents were very well traiend. They were polite, kind, and they listened.

    But that's all. Administration was a nightmare.

    A year ago June, I changed from one ATT plan to another ATT plan. It was to be implemented that month.

    Didn't happen. I called in July, and they told me to call back at the end of the month. I called back, and I was told to call back in August.

    It was not until October that the new plan was implemented.

    I then asked for a rebate because I lost $$$ in the process. That took another 3 months.

    I finally shut the account. THey charged to two cancellation fees by mistake, and to this day, I continue to receive monthly bills from them.

    It is so aggrevating.

    Should I go on? Ok, I will!

    A year and a half ago, before leaving for Europe, I called ATT to ensure that my international plan was in place. "Go for it!" they said. Well, it didn't work, and I spend 3 hours on the phone from the UK with them. They finally realized that they had not set up my account right. To their credit, they comped me the $300 phone bill.

    I am now with Tmobile, and am very happy!
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    I thought that this was an interesting read on some of the troubles that ATT wireless has been having:
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    Things are getting better. Hang in there.
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    I've been with ATTWS for a few months now - switched from TMo because they wanted $800 for a set of new phones for my family plan, and ATTWS was willing to give me better phones for free (with a 2 year contract, of course). Everybody's experience is different, just thought I'd share mine.

    Pricing on my plan is about the same as TMo. I don't use data on my Treo right now - as much as I would love to do so, the ATTWS plans are just too darned expensive. I would like to use RoadRunner dialup but haven't been able to set it up successfully yet.

    Quality of service is largely the same. I noticed a few dead spots that I didn't have with TMo, and a strong signal in other areas where I always lost TMo. I also noticed that when the GSM America plan kicked in, my signal strength seemed to get better in several formerly dead/low strength spots.

    My experience with customer service has been so-so. My first month, I was billed for an additional line that wasn't mine; a quick call fixed that. Also, I was promised (and used) a free month of data services. However, my free "month" only lasted until the end of the billing cycle in which I signed up, so I actually got only about 2 weeks. Big surprise on my next bill - $7.99 x 4 lines for mMode service that was only used on one phone. I called to complain, but they were unwilling to cancel the charges for what I saw as misleading statements on their part.

    Overall, I can live with ATTWS but I'm not completely happy. If I could go back to TMo without paying $700 in early term fees (plus more to buy new TMo phones), I would. However, I'm cautiously optimistic that the Cingular acquisition will improve the network, customer service, and maybe even reduce the cost of data services.

    Worst case, I can simply switch at the end of my contract.

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