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    Maybe articles like this are enough to get Palm and Sprint to clean up their acts....but I doubt it. They know what they're doing when they release poorly made equipment and couple that with horrid customer service.
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    Much of what he says are problem with the phone. But frequent rebooting is almost always a software conflict problem. I don't know what he's got loaded, but something ain't happy with one or more of them.
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    I agree with you. Kind of shame that after more than 10 years the PalmOS has no way of handling program problems than dumping the entire system. But, certainly the lack of technological innovations isn't the real problem here...that lies in a total lack of quality control and subpar customer support. Couple that with Sprint's belief that customer service is a nasty word and you're bound to get articles like this.
    Unfortunately, we as consumers have brought some of this about by being so price conscious. Companies are forced to drop prices in order to hit more and more aggresive consumer price points....and quality and cust serv are generally the first to go.
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    I wonder what laptop Cooley is carrying...

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    if he has read the forum, he should know how to fing out what is causing the resets. what is the 377 code for sprint?

    someone should give it to him.
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