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    so i had firmware 2.02, everything was working like the trailblazer i am i decided to upgrade the firmware to 3.04.

    well everything worked fine EXCEPT the fact that the minute i use the phone under 3.04 i got this constant buzzing noise that gets louder and more annoying as time goes by.

    today i downgraded to 2.08 and same problem.

    WHAT is going on...this only happened after the initial 2.02 to 3.04 upgrade...

    AHHHH tell me this isnt hardware related..i really dont want to get a replacement, is there a fix for this? is there certain firmware that works fine with no buzzing?

    i have a unbranded palm1 unlocked version.

    let me know what you guys think.

    I see posts on this before, but i wanted to ask in relation to the specific firmware ive used.
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    i have the same problem called palm one they are sending a new phone seems its an ongoing issue....
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    I doubt this is firmware related. It could be a coincidence. I was having this problem with the Firmware 2.01. It came after 5 months of use. I got my T600 replaced. Buzz sound was fixed. It came with Firmware 2.12. Just upgraded to Firware 3.04. No problems so far.
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    Yep- been a problem on 3 of my 4 (YES- on my fourth) Treo 600's. The solution I have landed on, pathetic as it may be, is to give a medium strength tap with my finger in the middle-to-upper section of the back (just below the camera and in the middle) and it seem to consistantly work. On Treo #3 it took a good whack. #4 has been a bit easier.

    I updated from 2.08 to 3.04 in hopes of some resolution to this problem and have found it to have decreased slightly but it did re-occur. It really hasn't been field tested. Really hard behavior to predict- been trying to figure what sets it off (battery level, signal strength, etc) and can't for the life of me crack it. I've read elsewhere about people rigging an internal shield to better insulate the wire running to the ear-piece speaker but don't think I'm going to take that on. Wish I knew a solution as it is quite annoying to my callers. I heard it from the other end for the first time today from my friends ATT Treo and it was pretty damn unpleasant.

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