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    How many of you are satisfied/happy with your Treo? I would just like to know the ratio of those who are fortunate to have good/working units because it seems like most of the post here list complains ( I am sure they are quite valid) people have with their units. Just curious thats all. Thanks very much.
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    I'm not going to vote because the answer is both. My first Treo was a handspring unit that had the buzzing problem. I was unhappy with that unit. I received a replacement after dealing with PalmOne's awful customer support, and so far have had no problems with it. I am happy with that device.

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    Happy == I like the fact that everything is built into one unit.

    Unhappy == Palm OS is not close enough to Windows and requires many add-on to do very obvious expected functionality. I have about $200 in registrations so far to do things that my Pocket PC came with (and I haven't found a way to sync my Outlook 2003 Inbox and folders yet the way I want).

    All in all, everything is relative and I would probably spend the $$$ again.
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    I agree with driddle, Treo is great, would be better if it had a few of the standard PPC features.
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    Brand new Sprint Treo 600 here, just upgraded from aTreo 300 and a Tungsten C. Its been almost a week and I could not be any happier. Each day the T6 just amazes me with what it can do.
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    I've had mine for 2 months now with no real problems. It soft resets now and then, but all my palms have done that. No hardware problems.
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    how do peope make these surveys??
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    No offence, this is about the third or fouth post like this, and they always seem to have more happier people then not. Unhappy people are just more volcal about stuff IMHO.
    Sorry yours is not working out for you.
    Sincerly, Matt
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    I am happy and tries to help users to be happy users too!!
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    I'm very happy, which amazes me, because almost nothing makes me happy. And usually, the minute I buy some fetishistic piece of uber-cool hot technology, it just ends up aggravating me, breaking down, etc. etc.

    Email + GPS + Yellow Pages web lookups + camera + mobile blogging? Heck, I get more use out of this thing than I do from my computer.
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    I love my treo i could not go withought Verichat rocks, People from all over the world reach me on a daily basis.
    Snapper Mobil Email with attachments anywhere.
    Shoutcast best thing ever.
    Audible Kills time at work.
    And allot of other programs.
    Exept for a little more memory and faster processor it's perfect for me.
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    This has been the best tech investment I've made since my first notebook computer in 1986. I must be the luckiest SOB around, because there's been no problem with random resets, bad speakers, dropped calls, lock-ups, hard resets, etc etc? Maybe I should knock on wood (or maybe the number of complaints are indicative of the strength of their collective voice, not their absolut numbers?)

    In a nutshell, if they could just go hi-res and 64mb of internal memory, this thing would be the best product since sliced bread.
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    I gotta get me one of these soon then.
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    I'm a happy camper although I just got a replacement model yesterday after almost no problems for 6 months. I agree that there is nothing else like the T600 on the market at the moment so that said; Yep, I'm happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by broberob
    how do peope make these surveys??
    It's an option when creating a new thread. See the bottom of the page (Add Poll with message)
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    When the product is functional I am quite happy. It took PalmOne/Handspring four phones to make me 90% happy with it. (Still have an Echo problem with the speakerphone).

    Early adopters will always feel growing pains as not every feature and function will always work flawlessly. People unwilling or unable to handle that pain should stay on the other end of the technology adoption life cycle.

    Regarding the company: Tech Support group sucks. Period. Hopefully they'll improve, but there are BASIC levels of tech support that they do not provide. Examples: A form email with a link to where I can check the status of my issue. Understand the product and technology sufficiently to be able to answer questions that are not from a script. Hell, they even shipped me a replacement phone incompatible with my carrier! That's crap.
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    I love my Treo 600 and largely have been very happy with it. But I do wish it was faster, had more internal memory, Bluetooth, and a hires screen and camera with video capability. That would make it as close to perfect as a device can get.
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    i would say about 90% happy its great for what it does. i use it for internet, music, video all of which it does ok. i admit there are other devices (like my pocket pc) that are much better at some things, like video playback. but i don't really want to carry around 3 devices to do each job.

    the treos biggest failing, is the lack of support from palm one. i would kill for bluetooth on my treo. why can't palm just write some drivers for the treo? its things like this that will force me to move over to pocket pc once a similar size smart phone is released.

    until then i will stick with the treo, and if the 610 has bluetooth and camera then i might just be tempted to upgrade.

    oh yeah and as for why it seems there are a lot of negative posts, most people tend only to post when something goes wrong. so far my treo has behaved pretty well a few niggles but nothing worse than similar devices and miles better than the piece of junk orange spv i had for a while!
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    I like the Treo because it's quirky, fun and presentable. It's so UN-mainstream. I would never recommend one to any of my non-geek friends because a Treo with factory settings is boring and basic (and the camera is crap). You need to enjoy customising your gadgets (downloading and testing apps). That's what it's all about. If you're that kind of person a Treo 600 is great.
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    well at the moment i just want to destroy the god damm thing but i know how good the phone is when it is up and running smothly
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