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    I love it!
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    its ok. my 2nd model currently doesnt vibrate so i might have to get a 3rd. other than that if anything good comes out with a qwerty keyboard i wouldnt mind switching depending on financial resources. i like my treo but it has enough problems that i dont have any loyalty to it.
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    I love it. Best convergance device I have ever used! My only complaint (minor) is the lack of hi-res.
    Usability and reliability are key. This excells in both
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    Quote Originally Posted by z3bum
    I love my Treo 600 and largely have been very happy with it. But I do wish it was faster, had more internal memory, Bluetooth, and a hires screen and camera with video capability. That would make it as close to perfect as a device can get.
    I remember this board being filled with comments just like this when our only option was a treo 270/300 ...

    So, what did HS do? Gave us more memory, a faster processor, upgraded OS, a brighter (not higer res) screen, an SD card, a camera and a better form factor.

    And all we do is complain and want more. Waahhh

    Ain't technology grand?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tjd414
    I remember this board being filled with comments just like this when our only option was a treo 270/300 ...
    Boy, so do I! It seems that a lot of the requests the Treo 300 users had were answered in the Treo 600, but clearly there's people that would like to see more. I can't condemn that - we are appreciators of tech, and so we get excited about the idea of higher tech...I've owned my current computer for 1.5 years, and I'm already bemoaning the need for a faster processor, more mem, more HD, and better graphics cards!

    *sigh* I'll have to wait for at least a year for the new computer...wifey said so . But with the Treo, I can't say anything more than that I'm incredibly satisfied with what it is, despite what it could be.
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