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    Sorry if I'm repeating old stuff as i am a newbie here..

    My hair is falling out tonight as I sadly discover..(after getting the boss to spring for a Treo 600 and the $75/month AT&TWS bill)
    that my email (Office Online)will not work w/ Outlook 2003 according to palm tech support. Now that I have almost given up on Visto (can't get the treo to send..only receive), It seems like Inbox to go is only POP compatible or does not work properly with Outlook 2003 and needs some kind of a patch as well?... .(I am trying to avoid harrasing IT into re-setting up a POP acct as we are now on a MS Exchange server here at work..)

    Do I have to to resort to something my boss will never go with.. GoodLinks $300/seat server based system w/ a 5 seat min. purchase for one salesman (out of 4) that wants to get email in the field?!

    Help..I thought MS Exchange and Outlook 2003 were pretty standard fare?! I'm gonna have a hard time being the company cheerleader fror palm platform Anybody help? tim
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    well - Visto <should> work if you can leave the PC connected to the Exchange server. Of course, that's an iffy proposition at best, but - tell us more about your Visto issues specifically. I use it and really like it - a lot. It's one of the best Exchange redirectors out there. I'm not using ATTWS, but that should not matter - if you can connect to the ATT data network, you should be fine. In fact, since you can rcv email via Visto, that says that you're part of the way there.
    Does your visto desktop assistant always show green (the V in the sys tray in the lower right portion of your PC screen) -?
    And if you can receive but not send, that might mean you need to check your Visto handheld settings - if you look at Options/then Login - check to make sure that matches whatever settings you have.
    And a last option is to contact Visto support - they actually have a phone number you can call and sometimes (!) folks will answer. I've found them fairly responsive.
    Give us a little more clue about what you see when you can't send via Visto - maybe we can help....

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