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    Has anyone figured out how to get the last contact record back after making a call and getting no answer? For example to call John Doe, who has a home, office and cell number:

    Select Contacts, type Doe and up pops John's record with three numbers.
    Call the first one, no answer, voice mail, or whatever.

    Now I want to try the second number, but must start over at Contacts and typing Doe again.

    Is there a shortcut to the last contact record I viewed?
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    I just traded my third one (bad ear speaker) in for my fourth. This time, when I dial a contact and hang up, it returns me to the contact list where I chose that contact. Just the way it should. I am not sure what is different, but this is definitely the way it should work, IMO. This was the main and almost only dislike I had with my Treo 600. The poor resolution screen is the only other (besides the fact that I have had to trade them in for working ear speakers twice, and a bad vga screen once).
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    me too - I also have a replacement one, and when I end a call after dialing from contact lookup, I'm placed back at the contact lookup. In fact, when I rec'd my replacement phone, and made a call, and it went to the lookup for that contact, I kinda thought to myself, 'huh - that's different from before, I think. Interesting.'

    So maybe the newer ones are different.....
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    At some point after installing the Sprint firmware update (but not immediately after installing it), my Oct. '03 Treo 600 started working this way. I don't know how or why.
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    Has anyone gotten this to work as described in the initial post? I got it to work yesterday after I had my phone replaced (again) ONCE. Now it doesn't do it. I called Customer Support (I still laugh when think of how far off that description is)and of couse they had no clue. Their advice: "play with it for awhile".

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