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    Can someone develop a simple app that will play an alert and show an on screen alarm to indicate when the battery strength is below a certain user defined % AND also when the internal AND external SD Card memory are below certain user defined levels?

    This would be a very useful app.

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    That is a great idea.
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    I always thought that a battery indicator should have been included in the Blazer toolbar on the bottom of the screen. If someone can add that, it would be great.
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    Considering a low battery can very well be the beginning of the "Network Search" and maybe the downfall of the Treo, this would be an excellent app!
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    thats one thing i miss from my old nokias they would give off a little sound to say that the battery nedded charging if someone could make something like this it would eb perfect and even better if you can put your own vaules in
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    Hmmm, in my spare, spare, spare time I will take a look at doing something like that. As always, most of my own utilities come from my own particular need but I will look into this as it has lots of potential.
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    Hey, I was browsing through these old threads while I am resting from Profeo 600 Lite and studying some new PalmOS features. Thus, I started writing somethig like what is mentioned above. Currently it is in a very, very initial alpha state - it does the following - when it is enabled and the power splash option is selected, then every time when you turn on your Treo, a splash screen will appear, which shows the battery level and the amount of free system memory. At the moment these are shown as disabled sliders, but this will be changed to more informative display as the program evolves. The splash screen automatically dismisses itself after about 3 seconds.
    In the next days I will add on this screen information about the external card, and probably information about the radio state, mute state, light state. Additionally, the duration of the splash will be adjustable. After that, as requested above, I will add options to activate the splash (with sound/vibrate) whenever the battery and/or memory levels drop under certain user specified values.

    Attached is the prc file, please see if it is useful for you and give me your comments and suggestions.
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    wow this sounds great i m just putting it on my treo now i will tell you how i get along good work
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    i have a few suggestions of this app one is that you should make it a little better for the eye for graphic maybe and if you could make the treo play a tune when the battery hits a certian % that would be great
    what do you think is this possible
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    PRANKSTAR, thanks for the feedback. as I said, the tune (and vibration) when the battery reaches certain level will definitely be implemented, just check the next versions - I just started writing the program yesterday . As for the graphic, it will also be improved as the program matures, but I am not a graphic designer, so probably it will not be extremely fancy. we will see.
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    o i didnt see that its a great app then well done
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    Ok folks, here is the more functional second version. On the splash form now you can see the memory and battery state, as well as the current radio, display backlight and mute switch states. The splash will be automatically dismissed after about 4 seconds, unless you tap anywhere on it. In such case it will stay open and show two buttons: close - to close the splash, and disable - to disable the program. This behavior is mainly intended for additional features, which I am still considering.
    Another mode, which might be activated, is to monitor the battery level. In such case, the program will silently check the battery every 30 minutes and if the battery level goes below 10%, it will start "nagging" you by displaying the splash screeen every 5 minutes. The nagging can be optionally accompanied by vibration and/or sound. The nagging will continue until:
    1. Acknowledged with the button on the splash screen. In such case however, the nagging will resume only after you charge the unit to above the 10% threshold and then it discharges again to below 10%.
    2. The unit is charged above the 10% threshold.
    Additionally, the nagging will be disabled while Treo is connected to the charger, but it will resume if it is disconnected before the charge reaches above the 10% threshold and the alarm has not been acknowledged.
    The two modes can be enabled independently from each other or at the same time. Also, the alarm is only trigerred for the battery, not the memory, because the memory usage doesn't change dynamically and I think that the splash screen is enough to monitor the memory.

    Note that this is still alpha version, which is not extensively tested and may not be very stable. It seems to cooperate well with the Today application and Profeo Lite (e.g., they simply don't bother each other) and generally should not affect any program.
    In the next release, it will also show the memory of the expansion card and it will be more flexible in terms of splash duration, battery level that activates the nagging alarm and perhaps the interval between the "nags". I will probably replace the sliders that show the battery/memory use with somewhat better graphics, that will also change to red if a given parameter (battery, memory, expansion card) is below the specified threshold.

    Please test it and post here your comments and suggestions.
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    looks good i have not had a good look at it yet i will tonight and tell you how i got on
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    Great app...thanks! I will play with it today.
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    FYI, I noticed the following problems, related to the power-on splash:
    1. When you turn on the unit, if you press a hard button to switch to another app (e.g., home, sms, phone) while the splash is still open, then the splash will be closed, but Treo will stay in the current app. Workaround - either wait for the splash to disappear or press the button again.
    2. It seems that when a notification/alarm (e.g., a new SMS) wakes Treo up, the splash doesn't show up, but after the notification is dismissed the screen remains only partialy painted. Workaround - just switch to any application and the screen will be repainted.

    I will try to fix these two for the next release. Please report any problems that you experience, as most probably you will. :-)
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    Update: Problem 1 also happens when you turn Treo on by pressing any of the hard buttons - the unit will turn on, the splash will not show up, but Treo will stay in the application in which it was when it was turned off. The work around is the same - either turn the display on, wait for the splash to disappear and then go to the application you want or simply press the hard button a second time.
    This will definitely be fixed in the next version.
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    Keep up the great are some thoughts:

    IMO the program would be more useful if it the program alerted periodically after the battery dropped below 30%, 20% or 10% at the discretion of the user. It would also be nice to be able to customize the alert. For instance, many users will not want to have the phone alert with vibrations since vibrations tax the battery. When my phone hits 10% power, the last thing I want it doing is vibrating. Others will want the vibrating alert (perhaps bartenders in noisy bars, etc.).

    The splash screen should only appear when the phone is turned on at low battery levels. There is no need for such a splash screen at high battery levels, especially when ClockPop5 works brilliantly as does a free beta program that launches Bob's clock when the phone is powered up.

    Keep up the great work.
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    hey rosenft, thanks for the thoughts, I will take them into account. :-) the program can already do some of these things - first, you can disable the power-on splash. in such case, the splash will appear only when the battery alarm is triggered. also, the vibration and the sound for the battery alarm are optional - if the corresponding checkboxes are disabled, then it will not vibrate/play sound. at the moment only the splash can not be disabled, but I will add an option to make the battery alarm require only one (and as many as the user wants) of vibration/sound/splash.
    BTW, what I am describing is the "intended" behavior, but the program has not been extensively tested yet (it is only 2 days old :-), so if what you experience is not what I am describing, then tell me what doesn't work and I will look into it.

    as for sounding alarms for several different battery levels - it should not be difficult, so I will think how to fit it into the program.
    I have not tested clockpop5, but it seems that it requires you to press a button to show the information. my intention was to provide this information at a glance. I am thinking to make the splash more inteligent - i.e., to add option to show it on power-on only if there is something critical to show.
    thanks again for the comments - they really help to clarify my ideas. please stay tuned for the new release in a few days.
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    Hey folks, attached is version 0.3, which fixes problem 1 mentioned above. Also, in this version it is not possible to keep the form on the screen by tapping on it.

    In one of the next versions I will also add an option to disable the power-on splash when in (or going to) the phone and the SMS applications, cause I noticed that it kinda bothers me to wait for 3-4 seconds before I can start dialing. :-)

    Also, note that I have not tested yet how does the splash behave if you receive phone call when Treo is off. In the next version I will make sure that the splash doesn't show up in such case.
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    Another nice addition to the Profeo family of apps!

    I just wanted to comment on your idea to have the power on splash screen show only when there is something critical to report. I like that idea. I already have several programs that monitor battery and memory space on power on. (ZLauncher and Today). It would be nice to be alerted only when needed.

    Just my two cents. Keep up the great job.
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