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    newtreouser, I don't know how is treocentral encoding the files. I have noticed that I can not download any file from treocentral directly on my Treo.
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    I am trying the latest, but have a quick question. Once I set a threshold for tripping the alert for the battery or memory, will it create an alert so that it appears in the Alert manager function of the Treo (* in top left corner) similar to how a calendar alert shows? I hope so. I dont want it to pop up a funky dialog or splash without it being controlled by the Alert manager * function.
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    experiment626, this option doesn't exit for now. I am sorry, but the current version of the program does exactly what you don't want.
    I will have a look at the PalmOS attention manager functions, but I can not promise when (if) I will implement what you are proposing - I am doing all PalmOS programming in my spare time, which unfortunately is not too much lately.
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    I like your Profeo app and this one. You have almost accomplished what I am looking for in each one.

    I hope that you investigate this capability- to add a standard Treo alert notification to SplashAlarm. This would fit the use scenario of most Treo users. This is the place that we all go now for this type of info. It all shows up neatly in one place- bringing important info to our attention.

    Battery and memory are 2 things that are important to all of us and ideally should be alerted like the rest of things. Namely, with the Alert capability.

    As a usage idea, maybe Splashalarm sends a generic alert to the alert function, eg. 'Battery/ Memory Alarm'. When you open the alert, it takes you to the main screen of SplashAlarm to show you the reason for the alert- low battery is maybe flashing or low external memory is flashing. Something simple like this. Nothing fancy.

    Please take a look at this. I for one am very interested in getting a deficiency of the Treo addressed the way Handspring should have done it in the first place. Everyday I use the Treo I am reminded that the former Handspring is a hardware company and not a software company.

    Let me know, if I can offer more description or motivation to get this added to the next version.
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    experiment626, I am reading the attention manager functionality at the moment. It seems that it is not "very difficult" to use, so I will start updating the code for it, but because of my free time, most probably it will take up to a week to complete this.
    Thanks for pointing this out, I completely agree that this will be much better and standard approach than showing my personal dialogs, which may (and do) interfere with other applications. Also, this will most probably allow the program to run on other handhelds, cause I won't have to hardcode the Treo600's specific ways to do some stuff (e.g., vibration). I guess I will have to rename the application once more, cause there won't be "Splash" in it anymore.

    as for Profeo 600 Lite, I will start updating it after I finish this program, so I would appreciate your input on it, your remarks have definitely helped me clarify my own ideas. you can post them in Profeo Lite's thread in the forums.
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    Hey folks, this is the new beta v0.5.0 of the Profeo SystemAlarm program, redesigned to use the PalmOS's attention manager. I removed the power-on splash - it was a good excercise, but it was only causing problems. The basic principles are the same as before - you setup your custom alarms (up to 4) for memory, card, and battery with options for sound and vibration. The program will display each of them using the attention manager. If you don't do anything, the program will nag you every 5 minutes, until you acknowledge the alarm.
    If you press OK in the AttMan dialog, then the alarm will be acknowledged and dimissed. If you press snooze, then it will change to the small star in the title bar. If you chose goto, you will go to a form, which will show you the memory and battery levels and is "supposed" to show you the state of each of the alarms - normal, triggered, acknowledged. The last part (the goto form) is not completed yet, but the rest of the program is completely functional. Note that all acknowledges will persist soft or warm reset !

    BTW, I have one BIG favor to ask for. If anyone has another PalmOS PDA (not a Treo 600), could you please test the program on it ? It is supposed to work on any unit with PalmOS v4 and above. It will disable the vibration options if they are not available on the device. I would realy appreciate some feedback on this.

    Things that I want to do:
    1. Make the program stop ringing/vibrating after a given number of attempts - currently it will keep on notifying you indefinitely, which is not the best option in terms of battery.
    2. Finish the details form and generally improve the output of the program.
    3. I plan to have an option for automatic daily reset of the acknowledges - if enabled, then the acknowledges will be removed every day, so you don't forget about the alarms.
    4. May be add times when the alarm was triggered and acknowledged.

    I am interested to know what else would you like to see - any other types of alarms, any requests for changes in the specified behavior, etc.

    Please enjoy the program responsibly . All feedback, suggestions, flames, feature requests and donations are always welcome.

    For Over-The-Air delivery to your Treo 600 please go to:
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    I noticed that you may need to select at least one of the sound/vibration options to make the application work (i.e., notifications only with attention manager dialogs may not work). Also, I think that the program always plays both the sound and the vibration, even when only one of them is enabled. I will look into these issues later today and I will post an update.
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    Now, you're talking! This is much more in line with what I had intended in my original vision at the start of this thread.

    One quick idea- I would like the Alert nag to be optional. I want the alert to show in the alert list, but that's it. Some people may like the nag, but for me it is more informational. Could you add the option to not have it nag you and just show up in the list?


    Great work by the way.
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    experiment626, this is on my list for the next version. the following will also find their way in it:
    1. Option to automatically reset the alarm acknowledges every day.
    2. Make the alarms stop ringing/vibrating after several attempts, but still keep them in the list.
    I expect the next release will be ready this evening or tomorrow.
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    well, after some delay, attached is the next version.

    The changes are as follows:
    - fixed UI glitch for devices without vibration (e.g. Zire)
    - added subtle alarms option (if selected all alarms will be subtle)
    - added one more alarm slot (for total of 5 alarms)
    - implemented daily reset option (if selected, all alarms will be reset everyday at noon)
    - reset all alarms button on the about form (mostly for debugging purposes)
    - some internal bugfixes/optimizations

    Remaining to do:
    - make the screen, to which you go when you select "goto", more informative.

    Please delete the previous version before installing this one, as the settings are not compatible. As before, I am looking for people who are willing to test the program on non-Treo 600 devices (PalmOS 4 and higher) and provide me with feedback.

    For over-the-air download, you can go to:

    Please enjoy responsibly. All comments, suggestions, requests, bug reports and donations are welcome.
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    Attached is the last version of the Profeo SystemAlarm application. The changes from v0.5.1 are as follows:
    1. Finished the form to which you go when you press "GoTo" in the attaention manager.
    2. The same form is accessible from the application's main menu
    3. The form can be used to acknowledge all triggered alarms or to reset all alarms to normal mode.
    4. In addition to the battery, memory, and external card information, the form also shows each of the alarms, their trigger levels and their current state.

    This more or less completes what I intended to do with this application. The only thing which I may add later is some more information about the battery (voltage) memory (percent free) and the expansion card (total size and % free), but thse will be just cosmetic changes.

    For Over-The-Air download, you can go to:

    Please enjoy it responsibly. As always, your suggestions, bug reports, feedback and donations are appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by newtreouser
    nachon, thanks for the app. I can't download the file with Blazer. says file type not recognized. Anyone else?
    The web server needs bindings in its mime types database, or equivalent. I use apache, and simply used AddType directives in my config file:
    AddType application/x-pdb .pdb
    AddType application/x-prc .prc
    AddType application/x-pqa .pqa
    AddType application/x-psf .psf
    AddType application/x-rom .rom

    Of course, you can't do anything about this, a site admin would have to notice and do it, assuming they can.
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    Hey everyone, in case you are interested, the last release of Profeo SA is available for download. This release is realy meant to be the last one, unless some new features are requested or bugs are found. I will concentrate the scarce free time, which I have, on making profeo 600 Lite a full-scale profile manager and adding the options that many of you have suggested.

    The major changes are purely cosmetic - more and better structured information. If you are upgrading from a previous version, please note that in this release the application options are accessible through the menu and the main screen contains the information about the current alarm state. I have also made some minor changes in the behavior, which should not affect the end-user experience.

    Please enjoy the program responsibly. All suggestions, bug reports, and donations are welcome. If you have suggestions for other types of alarms and information to be included in Profeo SA, please post them here.

    For OTA download, please go to:
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    Having started this thread for the idea and vision of what now is Profeo SA, I must congratulate you on an excellent job in bringing the app to the Treo community. The app is what I had in mind, works well and addresses a need for we Treo users.

    Thanks for your efforts.

    I look forward to Profeo LT as we discussed as well.
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    The subtle alarms- what does this option do again? Does it prevent the alarm nag? Allowing the SA alert to trigger once and not repeatedly?
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    the subtle alarms option will not show up the big dialog at all - when an alarm is triggered, it will automatically go to "star" indicator mode, from where you can see the alarm. it will still play sound and vibrate if you wanted it to.
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    For those who might be interested, I have updated Profeo SA to version 0.6. New in this version is the ability to replace the Palm OS low battery warning with an Attention Manager alert. It also adds new alarm trigger levels of 2, 5, and 15% for those who live on the edge.

    The new version is available for download in downloads section, or at Handango and PalmGear.

    In the next few days, I will update Profeo SA's documentation on my web site

    Please enjoy the program responsibly. As always, all suggestions, bug reports, and donations are welcome.
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    Did you use Profeo today ?
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