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    Are there certain things you can not install on the SD card? Like can I install games? What about Lightwav and ptunes, can I install those apps on SD card?
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    Ok I guess I have answered my own question Lightwav has to be installed on ROM, ptunes you can install on SD card. As for games I tried installing mobile tetra on the card and it didn't work I will try a different game and see what happens.
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    It is my understanding that any applications that need to be memory resident (such as ringtone managers, TreoButler, PhoneGuard, Launchers, etc.) should remain on the ROM.

    One option to have games and other applications on the SD card (which I currently do) is to get a program from called FlyZip - PowerRun is another alternative. What these programs do is store applications on the SD card until you need them. Once you click on the icon (like normal) FlyZip would move the program to the ROM for execution and then when you exit the program it would be moved back to the SD card. FlyZip also incorporates compression for applications moved to the SD card.

    Hope this helps...

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