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    First, a lot of us may or may not know that all Treo 600 support is sent to asia, if you call the 1-800 numbers to get support for your unit..

    I just learned that the phone support for Canadian units (Rogers) has also just moved to Asia, prior to a couple weeks ago it was being handled by Keating Technologies in Markham Ontario.

    Handspring/Palmone has dropped the ball on the treo 600. I have two units in the office and they continue to have quality control issues that warrant replacement units...

    but the replaecment units take 10 to 12 business days (or so they say) to get the replacements to you..

    To top it all off, you are not happy and your CEO needs the device tomorrow. They don't know how to escalate it because they are in asia and have no control..

    Eventually, you FIND corporate customer relations in DESARATION,they are based out of the US head office and these guys have more of a clue..

    but palm still drops the ball as Canadians get screwed, as the unit has to go through a canadian third party (keating).. before going to your door.

    6 weeks later I finally get my replacement unit, you think everything is ok, until the *EXACT SAME PROBLEM* happens again and you have to re-initiate the replacemen procedure again..

    is it worth it? No.

    I strongly feel palmone has dropped the ball here. First, the treo 600 is riddled with quality control issues.. we've gone through 5 units for only 2 that we own..

    Secondly, they've outsourced their tech support to people in Asia whom frankly have no power, and as a result no clue how to handle your requests! You have to take it up the *** , otherwise, you are forced to waste your time tracking down replacement units to get a new one..

    When i have a problem with my Blackberries, i get replacements at my door the very next day.. what's wrong with this picture?

    I love the technology and featutres of the treo 600 but in the customer service and product quality departments, palm one has dropped the ball..

    I hope that some palm one execs are reading this, and i hope your ****ting in your pants. I wouldn't touch palmone stock with a 10 foot pole. To palm one execs:

    * Fix your lackluster customer service. These people can only regurgitate what's on a computer screen. When you ask them for something out of the ordinary, they get crushed and can't do **** for you! If you escalate the call, you get someone by a first name who only seems to speak better english, but is still as useless as the first person you spoke to!
    * Why does it take so long to wait for corporate customer relations to answer? They are just as bad as any customer service department, although I am satisfied that they are able to help me and give me REAL ANSWERS to my inquiries, with real details!
    * What's with the manufacturing problems with the treo 600? Why are units so in backorder that you can't keep supply? Are your plant(s) in mexico having quality control issues? You having such a problem churning out units that work that you are shipping out complete horse****? We have an over 200% failure rate at my company. What's going on? The first two units were HANDSPRING branded (first gen), the other units were palmone branded. Haven't you had enough time to work out manufacturing bugs?
    * **** your pants. If my experience is any way statistically valid, then you are bleeding money from the Treo 600, and your going to pay big time.. and i know you know it.

    i could go on and on.. please, share me your experiences. I'd love to hear them. I'll interject with more of my experiences, perhaps a few of us will have a good laugh.

    I'd love to hear any experiences, positive or negative..

    and i tell you, i'm not a troll! I'm legitimately pissed off with Palm, i had such high hopes for these devices! We spent 40 hours dealing with this, mostly myself on the phone with all these levels of tech support. my CEO got involved and called himself, and he realizes how bad it really is.. we can't believe how bad it really is!

    Let the bleeding begin..
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    To add a little, here's what's wrong with the devices:

    The handspring branded device:

    The earpiece on the Treo 600 stops working. You can turn on the speakerphone and the device blasts your conversation to anyone within an earshot.. but you are no longer able to have a private conversation without an earbud.

    A private conversation is definately something the CEO of your company needs.. this is a critical failure.

    It took me 6 weeks to get the replacement unit for this issue. 2 weeks later, the exact same f'in problem happens again.. i'm still mid-3rd-replacement in customer service 'hell'..

    The palmone (through Rogers) device:

    This user had their machine break down yesterday, the unit does not accept stylus input and the 5 way navigation control button similarly does not work. Only every so often does it actually accept your input and obviously your unit can no longer function as user input is key to device control.. a hard re-set did nothing to fix the problem.

    I hope this sheds some light.. so, what's your experience? good or bad? Anyone know who 'humphries' is? If you do.. i know you know who this person is..
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    Dude... you have too much time on your hands
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    Quote Originally Posted by headtailgrep
    The palmone (through Rogers) device:

    This user had their machine break down yesterday, the unit does not accept stylus input and the 5 way navigation control button similarly does not work. Only every so often does it actually accept your input and obviously your unit can no longer function as user input is key to device control.. a hard re-set did nothing to fix the problem.

    I hope this sheds some light.. so, what's your experience? good or bad? Anyone know who 'humphries' is? If you do.. i know you know who this person is..
    This precise problem happened to me on Saturday during the afternoon. A replacement Treo600, for my first 600, and it just stopped accepting input in any fashion. It effectively locks up... but seems to work after a cool down period.

    As to the poster stating that this person has too much time on their hands?! What is that supposed to mean, heh? Palm shipped the defective units, and we have to deal with it. Do we have too much time on our hands, if we inform other consumers of Palm's failings?

    Man, what a bonehead
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    What did you do to solve the 'cooling off' problem? Are you simply 'dealing with it' or did you get a replacement?

    It's highly annoying..
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    I am now in possession of my 4th T600. Originally purchased from Handspring. The first one had a defective speakerphone (speaker worked, but in the phone app, there was buzz/cut out, etc). The first replacement was from handspring, and had the echo problem. I place a call with Tech Support (still handspring at this point), and they were to send a second replacement. After a week, I had no confirmation of a new phone being shipped, so I called tech support again. This time I was connected to India, and they had no record of my call the previous week. They shipped a phone that would not even work with my carrier! (I had an unlocked GSM/T-MO). They sent a locked AT&T ! Finally I contacted Customer Care at Palmone and had the problem escalated because I was threatening to return the phone for a refund. The manager was "Fairly certain" the echo issue was fixed in the new equipment, but I had to wait 4 weeks for delivery. They extended the warranty to the time after I received shipment of the replacement phone.

    However, the 4th phone still has the Echo problem. I REALLY want to use the speakerphone, and I REALLY love the Treo features, BUT.....

    You are right on in your assessment of their offshore tech support group. Everything is scripted and they indeed get lost if you ask something not on the script.

    You're not alone....I love the phone. Hate the support.
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    Unfortunately, I've been unable to get ahold of customer support. Last week it was still Canadian, but this week it's changed. Since late yesterday, until now, I just get disconnected when trying to call in (after a few options). It's a known problem, as a call to Rogers indicates other complaints about this. It's supposed to be fixed "soon".

    Once I actually get ahold of them, I want another replacement, ASAP. Again, unfortunately, they dont' seem to be able to authorize my credit card, as they are out of country now (US based transaction, whereas it was Canadian based before?). My valid card, which I used a week ago to get this first replacement, is apparently no longer good.
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    Look guys, you can't put up with that ****. Don't let them give you the run around or make mistakes like that. Push them. Threaten them. Tell them you will return the device unless they fix your problem.

    I"m not kidding when i say, if i need a replacement blackberry i get one the next day... it's that bloody easy. Why can't palm do that? They actually used to be pretty good with Treo 270 replacements..

    I also was getting that 'disconnected' message from palmone 'canadian' customer service today, but YESTERDAY i did get in and did get a case number. All times i was going through the rogers phone numbers to get access to the customer service..

    Call the palm head office. Ask for 'corporate customer relations' -- i dug around until i found that department. They are very helpful, based in the USA, and can actually make things happen. If your with a company speak with authority and tell them how unhappy you are. They will help you. If your not with a company, what do you have to lose?

    I would also advise Rogers customers to try and get a replacement at retail, but I hear stock of units is very low.. and hard to get.

    Corporate Customer Relations, 847-493-7256, option 4.
    There is no 800# to these guys, that's one problem..
    Expect to wait 10 to 30 minutes before you get through..
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    I'm willing to wait another day, to see if this disconnect problem goes away. However, I do have a small claims court form sitting ready. I won't broker a "no return" policy if things don't go the way I want them to.

    If I do have to use small claims court, I'll make it as public as possible. That's very public, btw
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    i'm on my 2nd treo 600. when the new devices hit the market -- namely the motorola mpx -- I'm GONE from palmone. I like Palm OS but not enough to keep jacking with a phone that doesn't work right.
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    Almost every company these days has AT LEAST 3 levels of tech support.The first level weeds out the novice issues, and as the issue escalates, the probelms become more complex.

    Offshore exporting, however is something I feel very strongly against. Our $70,000 paying technology jobs are going overseas to India and China while our manufacturing jobs are going to Mexico. These people get paid anywhere from a bag of rice up to $20,000 and don't speak English.

    Once all of our jobs go overseas to fund corporate greed, what's left of out country? I wouldn't wanna see what's left.

    just my $.02

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