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    Anybody try both extensively and have any thoughts as to which is better? My number one priority is receiving email as quickly as possible from the time it reaches my pc, 2, reliability and consistency in this area, 3, sync time, 4, attachment support and 5, user interface.

    I've been using BC for some time and it works ok but often is too slow to push my email and there are too many sync errors. Plus very little attachment support and the user interface is garbage if you ask me.
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    BOth will have about the same time to push. This is because they are both really not push, but triggered pull. This is based on a formatted SMS getting to your phone and being intercepted by the mail app. Sprint's SMS system is sometimes fast and somes slow, so "push" times will vary.

    I've never liked the limitations of the Sprint BC. They limit the number of messages in your INBOX, which I can not live with. I also like BaseJet's in-line attachment viewers better than the SPrint BC.

    You will find that the Sprint BC has made the triggered pull sync a background operation, which is the one thing I do like better than BaseJet.

    For my money, BaseJet wins, hands-down for corporate e-mail access.

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