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    Hey there,

    I can't imagine how Palm One can stay in business. I am waiting for my 4th replacement Treo 600, and once again they have confirmed it will be another refurbished model, and if I want a new one, they will have to put in another request and it could take significantly longer!!! I have been without a working ear piece for two weeks now. Then you ask to talk to someone in charge, and you get hung up ion....this has happened twice, TODAY! I want to know why you can buy a motorola phone for $40 and never have a problem, and I buy a $500 phone, and have four of them in a six month time frame. If there was something else out there that would work as good......not even better than this Treo 600, I would run the FU#&()*&(* ing thing over with my truck and not even care about losing $500, thats how annoyed I am at this point.

    If anyone has a contact or a phone number for someone there, I would love to spend some time on the phone with someone who actually cares at Palm One!!!!


    PS, if you know of another device that will have the same functionality as the Treo 600, but actually works, I would be glad to hear about it.
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    Nobody has any comments???????????????
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevinw23
    Nobody has any comments???????????????
    Your thread title is awful.
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    LOL.... yeah I was gonna comment on the thread title as well....

    It's full of awe? Does that make it awesome? Hehehe....

    But seriously, there's no other device that matches all the features of the treo right now. If you can wait, there's sure to be one eventually. But for now this is the best thing available. I love mine, it works great.
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    And besides that, you could have added your post to one of many similar threads instead of creating yet another one.
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    palmone's treo has no real competitor yet. I've been loving it since the day this little mazerati of a smartphone arrived in october. its been guiding us to new restaurants and sites of interest on our honeymoon here in hawaii!! I take pics of hawaii's beaches & flowers & email them to family & friends back home.
    there is no replacement! the treo 600 is the all time best. thankyou palmone!

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