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    I liked it on my old Treo. I got it off, washed per their instructions and now it looks like crap on the new Treo - circles where the "sticky" surface that goes against the Treo screen does not adhere properly anymore.

    Also, the sticky surface has dust stuck to it that simoy does not come off.

    I have emailed BoxWave and asked them to replace it as they advertise it as washable and reusbale.

    Anyone had luck with it - what did u wash it with?
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    try to wash as much as you can with water, then use a piece of scotch tape to remove the remaining dust marks. Works like a charm.
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    I went through this same scenario about a week ago - and most definitely do NOT try and wipe the sticky back with anything other than tape - that's a sure recipe for disaster. I washed mine with dove soap, did some drying with the wife's hair dryer, and then deployed the tape scene as eschan described. I even went so far as to tape about 4 pieces onto the sticky back of the Boxwave, lined up all together, kinda covering the back of the boxwave as a single big ol' piece of tape. When I removed them, as one, the back was <pretty> good. Not as nice as when I first got it, but MUCH better than it had been prior, and good enough for my obsessive needs, to put onto my new 600.
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    Ran mine under warm/hot water, rubbed only with my fingers. I dried it off with a can of compressed air to minimize lint/dust deposits, then reapplied.

    Initially there were air pockets under it, which I was able to work out. Only the corner used to lift off the cover doesn't adhere as well as it did initially. it's minor. I'm not that anal about it. If I tried again, I might even be able to fix that. The whole cleaning drying process took only a few minutes.

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