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    i would like to share an experience with everybody and i hope to learn something from y'all too.

    sometime my treo screen just lights up with no meaningful reason whatsoever. there's nothing on the screen just plain white screen. i tried pressing all the buttons available but it did not do any good. i had no other option but to take out the stylus and push reset.

    any idea?

    thanks in advance

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    I had the same after installing PocketTunes, Lightwav and DialStat and other apps. I think it's the combination of thje three progs. I deleted DialStat and everything is OK again.

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    Do you have IAMBIC products such as Agendus, IAMBIC Mail, etc. If so, check your preferences in the mail set-up. I have been using IAMBIC products since 1999 without a problem until my 600. They have been minor but, the WSOD (white screen of death) occurred a few times until I reloaded Agendus and made certain that it was not colliding with any other mail app schedules.

    If you have another email app, and can reinstall it with no problems, go for that. Also, use a file manager like FILEZ (free) or any others that can remove all the left overs from when you delete an application. Then reinstall. Make sure that your scheduling is well defined. Good Luck.
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