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    Is anyone else having this problem? Its tricky as hell to sync two different treo units to one computer with two different profiles. One for my profile, and one for my gf's profile. It was tricky as hell to try to set it up and I still havent gotten it done correctly yet. Can anyone help me or point me to some answers? Thanks.
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    It should be easy... what exactly is the problem?
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    i am not trying to sync the same info to both phones. each phone syncs to its own calender, contacts, so on. I had to create a profile by copying the note in the handspring folder and pasting the same type of info into the 2nd user account's outlook. its really odd.
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    I agree this should be (and in my case IS) easy. I just took my coworker's Treo 600 and plugged it into my laptop, hit the hotsynch button, and it came up asking me which profile I wanted to synch. His hotsynch name and mine were listed. Nothing odd or tricky there.

    BTW, what "note" in the handspring folder?

    Have you tried opening palm desktop and creating a new user that way?

    Finally, it would really be helpful (to you) if you were specific when describing your problem. Give details. Cite exact error messages. List every step you took, and what the results were. Otherwise we are forced to make guesses, which is not generally the best method solving a problem.

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    It sounds like both Treo's have the same user name. I've been syncing both my Wife's Treo 600 and mine on the same computer with no problem. In fact, I've been doing that with all the palm device's I've had over the past few years. I started doing this when we both had palm III's. I never had a problem --even when I had a Treo 300 and she used a palm m515.
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    Sounds like jimeeboy51 is talking about synching to Outlook, whereas everyone else is referring to the Palm Desktop...
    With Outlook things are a bit more complicated. I haven't actually tried to do this, but a quick look on Google revealed several options, which are basically in two camps:-
    1. Creating distinct Outlook/Windows profiles for each user, thus separate psts, and associating each Palm Hotsync ID with the right one.
    2. Creating extra Folders within Outlook, and configuring the conduits to sync with those folders instead of the default (usually requires upgradng of sync software, e.g. Pocket Mirror Pro, Desktop To Go, IntelliSync).

    The exact method depends what Outlook and Windows versions you are using - user management is easier in 2000/XP and OL2003 for instance. There are multiple solutions qouted on Google - try looking for one that matches your particular OS/PIM/Conduit setup.
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    Thanks Me2, I'll google it.
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    I have this issue, but mine is more involved. I am using multiple users on Windows XP, it seems that Palm doesn't like to be loaded but on the name that it was installed on, I'll have to play with it some more, but I don't want to synch it with my username because the other phone should have its own numbers.
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