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    I'm still on my first Treo 600 and have enjoyed it immensely. When I awoke this morning I noticed something I had not seen before. When I turned it on I saw a battery power message at the top. It said my battery was 99%. Well... I'd never seen that before. Sure enough, every time I turned it off or on I saw this battery message and then I noticed... my touchscreen would not respond at all. I did a search on the board for help and noticed others had touchscreen problems. Mine had been working fine for 4 months.

    The only new software I've installed is Butler that took the place of TreoButler. I double checked to make sure I hadn't inadvertantly check something to make the touchscreen go wacko but nothing helped. Three soft resets and a warm reset didn't help either. I just did a hard reset and tried to do a restore from my SD card but wasn't able to highlight the restore button with the touchscreen or the 5-way. Now I'm doing a restore through hotsync.

    Has anybody else had this experience? Where the hell had that battery message been all this time? Where'd that come from?

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    I've not seen the problem before. The battery charge information is normally displayed when you tap the battery icon. Is there any chance that some piece of grit is stuck under the edge of the touchscreen around the battery icon? If not, I'd have to assume something is wrong with the touchscreen.

    Good luck.
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    Well... restore didn't help and even stranger things are started to happen now. Looks like a major meltdown to me. T-Mobile says the Treo 600's are backordered 10 days and on top of the that 5 days for USPS shipping. 15 days without a working 600....! Oh well.
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    Bruce, did you try a battery reset disconnect? I don't know why your touchscreen became unresponsive, but alot of people here have posted battery problems that have only been resolved by either completely draining the battery or doing a battery reset disconnect....good luck...
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