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    I just ordered a boxwave cleartouch screen protector, based on things I read here about people being happy with it. My question is, I saw they were washable, but how long are they expected to last before you need to replace it?

    Thanks in advance.
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    They don't put it in the instructions, but the only way to clean it is to invest in a $10 million dollar clean room.

    Mine came with a little piece of lint on it... So I tried to clean it.
    10 washings, and a bunch of curse words later it was on the treo... with more lint than it had before.

    Once you use the phone however, you don't see it with the screen on, even at its lowest setting...

    I don't think it will every be perfectly clean.

    I know you can wash them at least 10 times and they still remain sticky though!
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    After washing, an air purifier can help you dry it off without getting lint on it.
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    i just put mine on and there were a few small pieces of lint underneath but, as stated before, with the screen on, you can't see them.
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    Thanks guys, I thought it was just me! I tried to wash it, and that's great, but as the above poster said, when I was done, it had more lint than before. And I DO see it with the screen on... yuk. How do you clean the screen (especially the edges) before applying the lint magnet... er, screen protector.

    In all seriousness, I love these protectors. I just wish there was a better way to keep it clean.
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    there were some other threads on this washing topic some time back - I used a bunch of Scotch tape, all connected together to make a big ol' single piece large enough to cover the Boxwave. I mashed the tape on the sticky side of the Boxwave, and that seemed to take off the lint for the most part when I removed the tape (and yes, I had used a hair dryer and a compressed air cleaner can thing to dry it after washing). I have just one or two very small items on the back of the Boxwave now, and I force myself to not focus on those. They're not that bad. Really.
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    Yes, use scotch tape after washing. I washed mine couple of days ago while transferring it from my original to the replacement and it looks better than than the first application!
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    I would recommend using something slightly sticky (like low-tack scotch tape) on both the back of the screen protector and the screen itself to remove all of the dust from both surfaces. I have a really old box of writeRight screen protectors left over from my very first Palm Pilot which worked very well for that purpose. There's not a speck of dust on my screen! (It did take me about a half hour of trial and error with repeated washings before I figured out that technique, though!)
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    If anyone's interested, I posted my take a while ago...

    I HATE Boxwave ClearTouch screen protectors!
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