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    Hmmm..that's too bad. Poor spint users... :-(
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    Driddle I can understand your frustrations I believe if you considered what you can do, rather than dwell on what you currently can not, you would develop a greater apprecation and expection of the Treo 600. I've been a Palm User for years and Treo 600 User since its introduction last year. This platform has come a very long way and remains ahead of the PocketPC in many ways. Below is currently what I use in my daily activties around the topics you posted.

    I use SnapperMail v. from Snapperfish and DocumentsToGo Professional with InBox standard. SnapperMail retrieves my personal email accounts every 30 minutes and I receive an alert when new mail has arrived. I can open WORD, EXCEL, JPEG and ZIP Files by selecting them in SnapperMail and it launches DTG, HandZipper Lite or JpegWatch Lite to view or detach. Unfortunately my corporate email is only available via DTG InBox. I hotsync my Outlook InBox mail twice daily (morning/evening) and any WORD, EXCEL, TXT, and PDF attached files are available to view since DTG sync transferred or converted them in the process. Yes, not all PDFs convert as well as others, but they are viewable. Corporate email policy does not support anything but the Blackberry service for now. Company is field testing SprintPCS BCS. If I'm on the road and someone needs to send me a .doc or .xls, I instruct them to forward a copy to my mobile email account, "username"

    PDFs are a challenge and I try to operate in WORD, EXCEL, TXT or HTML as much as possible. Currently Adobe does not support a native PDF Reader for the Palm or the PocketPC. The Adobe Reader has to hotsync the file to convert it for use on these platforms. However Adobe does have a email conversion service that you send a PDF file to and the service will return you a convert file in TXT or HTML. Selectable by email address. It takes a little patience but it is a workable solution. More details on the conversion service is available from Adobe's website, link included below.

    Adobe PDF email conversion service:
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