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    I have been reading about people shoutcasting but can't seem to get an understanding. I have PocketTunes and do not understand what I need to do in order to listem to a shoucast (broadcast).

    Would someone be willing to teach me?
    The Toad
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    toadmanor, you need pocket tunes deluxe which a simple and inexpensive upgrade to the program provided free when you registered your Treo 600.

    Once you have the deluxe version go to where you can select from a number of genre such as jazz, comedy, etc. Then look for stations which have a bit-rate of 64 or less ( I think that is the top bit-rate recommended for the Treo and ptunes, if I am wrong someone jump in here, I only listen to the old-time radio shows and they all have low bit-rates) and select the station your interested in. There may be some slight delay due to buffering but the stations usually load pretty quick. also has a list of some shoutcast stations. Just click on the link to connect. Very easy as the bit-rates are all appropriate for the Treo.

    A quick search may help provide more detailed information. Enjoy
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    Thanks talaria---Ill give it a go!
    The Toad
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    Remember you have to type in the url for the stations. Maybe i missed something but i didn't see the url on shoutcast. I had to download the playlist (.pls file) then open it with my itunes player, then i clicked on "info" and looked at the url then went into pocket tunes then "actions" then "open" then select from the top right drop down "shoutcast" then type in the url and then ptunes finds the name of the station automatically. I found up to 48kbps stations seemed to work ok. Hope that helps.
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    I tried going through Treobits. Select the listen in tab get a message asking if I want to load/save and I say yes. Then asks to accpet on Ptunes Deluxe, I say yes and the just cycles trough syaing will load in ten seconds...reconnecting...load in 10 seconds forever.

    The Toad
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    Have you tried to select different stations?
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    yes cash I have
    The Toad
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    Sounds like what it does when you have the default player installed. You need to uninstall the player that you got with the Treo 600 and install it again as an eval. Should work fine. Then as drmrw mentions, you need to upgrade the one that came with the Treo.
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    I am not sure why drmrw says you have to type in the station urls. I have never had to do that from Or Treobits. Just go to the website on your Treo 600 and make sure you have ptunes deluxe. I seem to recall the upgrade was only about $15.00.

    All I do for is click on the link to the station I have selected after checking the bit-rate and the genre that I want. Then ptunes opens and the station usually loads.

    As for the loading problem, I have seen that on both Treobits and Shoutcast.
    What I have found is some stations are actually off the air (so to speak) at that time or they already have the maximum number of listeners. Each station listed on Shoutcast indicates how many listeners it can have and how many are listening.

    Then there are some stations that I have never been able to load. And there are a few that I have listened to and after weeks and weeks of trying I can no longer load for some reason even though it appears they are broadcasting and are not at maximum listener capacity.

    But once again I have NEVER had to type in a station URL from
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    Well, Let me tell you what I have discovered. I was using PTunes Basic so went out and upgraded to PTunes Deluxe. And then I discovered that when I saved the version to my disk I had already purchased PTunes Deluxe once before. When they send an email with the registration code it says:

    Qty: 1 [006PTUPG] Pocket Tunes Deluxe Upgrade at $14.95 each
    Prompted information: pta20xxxxxxxxxx
    Registration code(s): ptd26xxxxxxxxx

    I must have reentered the Promoted information code rather then the Registration code the first time which registers it as the basic version not the deluxe version.

    So, because of my stupidity I have paid $29.90 to upgrade to PTunes Deluxe!

    Anyway it is working fine.

    The Toad

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