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    I have had my Treo600 for about 2 months without any signigicant problem until now. All of a sudden I am not getting any sound throught the phone's ear speaker. The speaker phone works fine, but no sound goes through when I shut off the speaker and hold the phone to my ear. I have done both a soft and hard reset without any improvement. Am I missing something or do I have to return the phone for repair or a replacement?
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    Been there, done that, couldn't fix it either. Call support and ask for an advance replacement, then be prepared to wait two to three weeks.
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    When I swapped my phone just yesterday for an unrelated issue the Best Buy Techie told me that the #1 reason T600s get returned is due to the ear piece...
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    And then, while waiting for a Palmone customer service rep I tried the phone again and the sound had returned. Very strange.
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    Wierd. This JUST happened to me yesterday. I've had my original t600 since last Sept. with NO problems at all.

    The main piece just doesn't produce any sound. The speakerphone still works, and the headset still works.

    Go figure.

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    My first one had this problem, my second one had a screen issue, the third one had this problem, and today I have one which I hope will not have this problem. Major Quality Control issue, IMO.
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    I don't know, people, but if you have had more than one phone with this problem, you're either extremely unlucky, or you have added apps that are somehow not playing nice with the phone. I tend to think it's more the latter.
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    i'm the original poster in this thread. Today the ear sound went out again. In some frustration I hit the top of the phone and the sound started again. Sounds like something loose in there.
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    I did a hard reset, and the problem is still there. The ONLY 3rd Party apps I had on it was Agendus Pro, Key Caps, and the Delta Airlines flight schedule. Not sure, but these apps have been 'playing nice' since last sept. How could they be causing the problem??
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    I'll try hitting it and see what happens...

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