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    My Treo 600 went into a mode where it kept telling me there is no phone service (TMobile) and kept looking for a signal.

    I knew there was a signal because another TMobile Device worked fine.

    The only way I could resolve this was by Hard Reset.. soft wouldn't do it, nor would disabling and re-enabling wireless fix it.

    Any ideas? I had 2 refurbs sent to me and kept my original because the refurbs sucked..

    Refurb 1- Screen worse than mine.
    Refurb 2- Side panel did not fit right, center button worked part of the time and a scratch on top.

    Is there any way to get these folks to actually test these units before they go out?

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    call customer service and ask if you can take it to the store for diagnostics and have them note this on your account. go to the store and tell them you want one. when they get THEN tell them yours is broken and customer care told them they shoiuld replace it...
    worked for me (sprint) YMMV but worth a try. I got a brand new one, not refurbshed

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