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    Sorry, I suspect this has been addressed elsewhere. But I couldn't find anything using the search feature.

    OK, I have a Sandisk SD 512MB card. Looking at the Treo's "Card Info," it reports that I have 1 item (74.5KB) on the card. It then says, "170.8 MB Used". And then, "312.8 MB Free of 483.6 MB".

    What gives? How am I using 170.8 MB? I had a bunch of files on there, but I deleted most them by using my PC's 7-in-1 card-reader. Now I *should* only have about 12MB on there (the backup), but there seems to be a lot of mystery data on the card. I've had this problem before, and a format in the Treo fixed it. But I don't want to format the whole card every time I swap out the some of the MP3's.

    I can't find the mystery files using Filez, nor do they show up on the PC.

    And when I try to format the card in my PC's card reader, the Treo acts like it's not formatted at all.

    Any thoughts?

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    Try formating the card on the Treo, not the PC and see if that solves the problem...
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    CardInfo only looks in certain directories on the card when calculating the number of items, but the space free number is usually correct. It looks inside PALM, DCIM, and Audio, at least. I'm sure there are others too.

    If you put the card in a PC or card reader, you should be able to see what's taking up the extra space.

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    FileZ will give you accurate figures for this. It's one of the best freeware utilities around.
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