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    Does anyone else experience the treo flashing once every once in a while after it has turned off and is charging. I am going crazy or is it acually flashing, i am not talking about the little red light, i am talking about the actual screen.
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    it is definately flAShing, after it shuts itself off it flashes...anyone else experience this?
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    Do you have any apps installed in the backround that might be causing the Treo to wake up? For example, any email polling client like snappermail will cause the Treo to light up etc...

    A solution for this is to get a utility like PocketProtector to make sure the Treo doesn't turn on....
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    i just have butler installed, but it does flash while charging and turned off "in sleep mode" i dont get it myself but i wonder if it has anything to do with signal strength changing or something like that.
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    Could be something like an unsent SMS in your outbox. The Treo will keep trying to send it indefinitely...

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    i dont have any unsent sms or anything like that, i guess nothing really is wrong with the treo i just like perfection

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