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    Quick Take is PalmOSŪ system utility to capture the current screen. Quick Take saves the current screen resolution as a JPG or BMP file to the external card. Quick Take can be activated with one of the main hard keys or the power button.

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    Why is this better than the zGrab (freeware) utility which saves to the expansion card?
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    Probably just file format. zGrab doesn't save in jpeg or bmp just yet, only pcx (at least in the version I have...think there's plans to update it). But that's not reason enough for me to switch, I'm fine with it as is...I just convert them on my desktop.

    Screenshot5 does save in bmp though, so it's a bit closer to Quick Take. Plus Screenshot5 has a delayed screenshot feature. And you can activate it with other buttons besides just the hard ones.
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    I am playing around with ZGrab. I see a bunch of pcx files saved by ZGrab to the SD card. How do I view pcx files on the Treo?

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