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    For any F1 fans, a brilliant free app. is available at

    Shortly after every race, he updates the software.

    Believe it or not, hes only 16, but the program is genius.

    He takes suggestions from his of which was one my dad and I came up with: allowing you to directly download the update from the Palm.

    I hope this works well. Any day now the Spain GP should be available. Before, I had to remove the app before I updated it.

    Anyway..its a good program that is good for any F1 fanatic or random Schmo whos trying to get into F1.

    Point of this post: now we can dl direct.

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    Good find. I left watching the race early since Schumi was doing what Schumi does and then I wanted to check in later to see who came in 2nd, and 3rd.

    Yahoo doesn't allow mobile info for US. This is my new ticket.

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