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    Just wondering if there are any folks out there successfuly using Visto (in redirect mode) and Docs To Go. I was a long time DTG user, switched over to QuickOffice a while back for an unrelated reason, and am having problems now with Visto crashing every time I try to access a downloaded QO file. So I'm wanting to give DTG another shot, and want to check if others are successfully using Visto and DTG.
    Thanks for any responses.
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    I use Docs to Go with Visto (MessageXpress redirector) and it works fine. You can receive attachments and save them to the Treo's RAM or to a card. You cannot sent out newly attached documents, but you can forward received attached documents to others (I think...). I use Snapper for sending only to circumvent this problem.
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    Thanks for the confirmation. I went back to my old friend DTG, and I should never have left (altho QuickOffice does make use of a cool app called 'MobileFile', which allows wireless retrieval of files from your PC).
    DTG indeed works great with Visto - no more MessagExpress crashes now.
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    My biggest complaint about MessagExpress is that the redirector only works for so long before windows needs rebooting. I called and asked Visto about this, and while they acknowledged the problem, they seemed to thing it was not solvable (or worth solving) due to problems with windows (I also wish it could push in the background). Hoping the new IMAP Snapper truly sync's- if so, I'll turn off the redirector for ever!
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    hmm - I've found the desktop side pretty stable, actually moreso than Sprint's Business Connection or even SEVEN directly.
    Of course, if you're referring to windows rebooting, well that has nothing directly to do with Visto - it's kinda like Visto is a victim of windows' instability. Visto can't fix windows, but they certainly are affected by it.
    And will Snapper ever have any kind of Exchange or Outlook support? I don't think my IT dudes will ever plan to open an IMAP or POP port to a handheld. I like the way Snapper looks from a UI standpoint, but I don't think there's any way it'llwork for me in my world.
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    I have to reboot every 3-5 days because the redirector turns red and stops redirecting all together. Windows seems fine otherwise. Now I am using Win 98 so that may be part of the problem. What version are you using and how many days can you leave the redirector running without rebooting? On the Snappermail front our system admin person does allow pop3 and imap, but the redirector route up to now is still the best method of getting true synch'ing of the inbox, which is very important to me.
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    I'm running WIN2000, and the redirector is VERY stable for me. Once every couple of days I'll notice the icon go red for a few minutes, but it'll go back to green within 5 minutes at most.
    I'm a home office worker, connected to my company's Exchange server via DSL and VPN, and most of my issues, predictably, come form getting knocked off either the company network (at least every third day) or DSL altogether (not that common, but it happens).
    Back to the original topic - Docs To Go seems to work much better with Visto than did QuickOffice. I only wish DTG had some sort of wireless file access, like the one that worked with QuickOffice - MobileFile.

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