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    does anyone know or use a different antenna for the treo 600...mine got a little beat up on a recent drop, which got me thinking is there a stub antenna or something
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    I used a metal pen cap in the hole for awhile then moved on to gum foil.

    Do you have a handspring treo or a palmone treo?

    If its a handspring treo on sprint, you can call and tell them you have a network search problem, they know about it and will give you a nice shiny new one. I traded my old beeat up phone in for a new one off the shelf.
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    Yeah I dropped mine a couple weeks ago and the antenna took the brunt of the impact. The phone was fine but the antenna got all scratched and a little mashed in on one corner. I pulled off the tiny chunk of plastic from the mashing, but then when I used the phone my hair kept getting caught in the snags! So I took a nail file to it and filed it down until it was smooth. It seems to be otherwise OK though... I'll worry about replacing it when the speaker dies or something nasty like that
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    actually i think its a handspring treo (no palm one logo) on it, and it is gsm with cingular, the phone seems to eb fine I just try to be a perfectionist when it comes to $500 electronics and felt really bad about the slip and was just wondering if there is a nub or someother less bulky antenna out there.
    will handspring sell or send me a replacement antenna?
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    does anyone if the cs is correct when they told me the great part of the antenna is not the antenna itself but just a covering for the antenna, to protect the acvtual ant enna from braking when dropped?
    i thought this wasinteresting

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