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    Has anyone else experienced this. My earpiece on the T600 no longer transmits any sound. I can only use the speakerphone to hear callers, and it seems more crackly than normal.
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    Mine too! Getting my 4th Treo sent out tomorrow!

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    Just got mine replaced. Unit is brand new - not refurbished. Inserted my SD Card, and restored from backup and I am on my way. Earpiece problem fixed.

    By the way, this is my third Treo. First one replaced due to network search problem...
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    I just got my 4th Treo. 1st one had the earpiece problem. 2nd one buzzed so badly it was unuseable. 3rd one had the earpiece problem. (The speaker phone and headset didn't work on that one either.) The 4th one is another refurbished model. Just got that a week ago and it seems to be working ok for now. Hope yours is under 30 days old or you're in for some real "customer service" nightmares.
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    My earpiece started "crackling" on Thursday and stopped working on Friday. Handsfree speaker worked fine. Took it back to Sprint (2-months old) on Friday and they had a refurbed unit for me on Monday (today). Looked like new and after a synch with my desktop, all apps and data are restored and seem to be working fine. Hope I don't have any other problems
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    Same problem I had on #1 and #3. The ear bud and speakerphone operate nominally, but the ear speaker is dead. #2 had a screen issue. Got #4 today and keeping fingers crossed.
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    I started another thread yesterday on this same topic. The sound suddenly stopped coming from the earpiece, but the speakerphone worked fine. Then it suddenly started again. Today, it again stopped. In frustration, I hit the top of the phone and it started working again. Sounds like something is loose in there.
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    This same thing happened to me. I walked into a Sprint store today, they gave me a NEW phone (not refurbished). After hearing about all the distribution issues /wait times, etc. I couldn't believe it! This is my second phone since they came out (I got one of the first ones last Sept). This one is branded PalmOne.

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