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    I have used the G2 screen protector on my Kyocrea 6035 and it worked perfectly.

    I removed my old G2 from the 6035 and when I measured its dimensions it would fit on my Treo if I trimmed it down as it is too long. I measured it out and provided a 1mm overhang after cutting it down to size.

    Then I cleaned the old G2 unit and proceeded to slip it under all four edges of the Treo screen and it fits perfect.

    With the Treo screen on the G2 is invisible and I can tap the screen with my finger, stylus or a pen without fear.

    Removing the G2 is just as easy with a piece of tape to one corner and it lifts out.
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    I have a G2 on my Zaurus, and butchered one of my spares for my roommate's SE P900. We did a horrible job (too short) so he ordered one made for the P900. Love 'em.
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    G2's screwed up my touch screen. I won't get them again.

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