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    just tried to plug in my SD card to a card reader because i want to copy some MP3's. Unfortnately it's not readable. Is there any way to access it directly with Win XP via an USB card reader ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Sounds like a problem with the card or a problem with your reader...

    I have two WinXP systems that I use two different USB readers on interchangably with no problems whatsoever. One reader is even USB 2.0, not to mention my SD card is a crappy Sandisk one. Works great.

    Did you try formatting the card with the reader or something first? (I didn't have to, but it's the only suggestion I could think of, sorry! )
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    I had a 256m SD card that woked fine on my treo but would not read in any of the card readers on several machines. I got a new 512m card that works fine in all of them.

    I believe the difference may be that I think I formatted the 256m in the treo but the 512m in the card reader.
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    i have a 256sd card. i formatted it from PC and I use it between PocketPC and Treo. I do not have a card reader thou. I use my PocketPC as a card reader and I copy files into the pocketPC sd card, and plug the card in the treo.

    may be you should try to format the card from the card reader.
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    Check out Card Exporter....turns the treo's SD card into a drive in Windows.
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    HI All,

    first thanks for your help. I'll try format the card with the reader.



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