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  1. viturin
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    Hi Laxidasical,

    That works for short SMS chat-threads. But when you have over 2000 SMS's and chat-threads with over 4 months of conversation in them, then you cannot copy them. The clipboard memory of the TREO does not permit you to copy too much text.

    My SMS don't have a 160 chrs limit anyway... they are long, and many... so I can only copy bits by bits the way you described, and I have to "reassemble" them upon receipt of the e-mail again...

    Thanx anyway.
  2. viturin
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    There is a program called "Call History Exporter for Treo 600".

    You might check this site:

    Goot luck,
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    Man, I'm trying to find a way to archive my SMS messages as cleanly and as quickly as possible, but it just doesn't seem that there is ANYTHING out there that can do this. I've tried to open up the SMS PDBs, but they're unreadable by all of the of PDB explorers that I have tried.

    Anyone had any further luck with this?
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    So far, TreSmart has been the best tool I've found. I just set it up on Task Manager to run once a week so I don't forget. If I haven't synched my phone all week, then nothing happens.

    Of course, you need to use Eudora, which I've been using for like 10 years, so....
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    Can the developer for TreSmart, WalterT, please add an option to backup the SMS into text files for CSV files? I don't use Eudora, but I am interested in this program when it is out of beta.

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