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    I just read the following in Sunday's Orange County Register.

    "Broadcom is one of Orange County's biggest companies, with annual sales approaching $2 billion. Yet most people have never seen any of its products. That's because its semiconductors, or chips, are almost always hidden inside electronic gear..."

    "To appreciate the expanding role Broadcom chips play in our lives, consider this typical day in the life of a professional we'll call 'Emily,' working at any of O.C.'s large corporations."

    "Emily gets into her Acura TL and checks voice mail from her office without touching the cell phone. She does that using the car stereo and voice-recognition software that works with Broadcom Bluetooth wireless chips that are embedded in both the car stereo and her Treo 600."

    Here is a link to the online version of the story...

    I work in one of O.C.'s large corporations but I can't get my Treo 600 to do bluetooth... (and a co-workers husband works at Broadcom... but now I'm straying off topic)
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    A) Emily has a high tech car stereo with Bluetooth and a Bluetooth carkit that talks through wires to the Treo 600

    B) Emily has tweaked her Treo 600 and changed the chip to a Bluetooth enabled, plus she installed fw 3.04 and has written a voice recognizition application integrated with the phone.

    C) Emily doesn't exist and the Broadcom Marketing Dept. went a little astray.

    Make you choice please.
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    broadcom does supply chips for the Treo 600 - just not bluetooth: Here's the press release for their announcement of them supplying the GSM chip for the 600.
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