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    Personally, I'm getting sick of the "Treo 610" name. Any big generational improvement will not be named Treo 610... How about we name it "Ace" instead? And if you take the two dates - late july sounds like when it will be announced, and per the HTC article it will ship in september. (like the Treo 600 was basically done)
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    Odd...I thought you STOPPED talking when you got married...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkgepdog
    IRONICALLY.. (sorry I left this out), the TREO 610 is suppossed to be a lot better in regards to battery power...

    Hmm...I recall reading somewhere (I think it was a post by Mykbol prior to the fourm crash) that the next "Treo 7" would have replaceable batteries. Thus, a simple solution to BT and high rez screenie afterall...
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    Quote Originally Posted by xaix
    hi res = consumes more batt
    blutooth = nehh .. some ppl dont use it .. why waste more batt ..
    faster processor = consumes more batt ..

    they designed the treo to be long lasting thats why low res and 144Mhz ... originally annouced during sketch of treo600 would be 200Mhz but they lower down the clock speed to save battry ..

    just to make me feel better about my treo600 ..
    say boo to 610
    Boo !!!
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