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    Hi - Im on Orange UK. I Do not have a GPRS account set up as its a work phone and they wont pay for it I wanted to know whether I could still connect to the net without a gprs connection? I have an ISP (if its relevant) and I was able to connect to WAP on my old phone with the same sim (also if its relevant). Please Help me!!!! ***** proof instructoins would be really appreciated...
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    Here is my setup for SprintPCS:
    Preferences -> Network
    First off, if you are connected you should probably disconnect,
    there will be a button at the bottom that says either 'Connect' or 'Disconnect' so if it says 'Disconnect' then hit it before going on, otherwise just go to the next step

    Menu -> New
    Service: Speakeasy (or whatever the name of your ISP is)
    Connection: Virtual Modem
    User Name: [my UserID] (NOTE: Your ISPs MAY require user@domain)
    Password: [-Assigned-]
    Phone: [312-546-4009] (Speakeasy rents service from Level-3, this is their #)

    -> Details
    Idle timeout: 3 Minuts (Set this to your preference)

    -> Advanced
    IP Address: [X] Automatic

    Query DNS: [X]

    (I didn't change either of those options)

    (I also didn't even look at -> Script

    Click OK twice to get out to the Preferences -> Network screen

    There should be a 'Connect' button at the botton, time to find out if it works!

    I then went and used TuSSH to log into my linux box, did a 'w' and got the following:
    (my_name) pts/38 Jun 20 19:37 (

    Proving that I was connected through my dialup rather than through Sprint. When logging in through sprint, it looks like this:
    (my_name) pts/38 Jun 20 20:06 (

    NOTE::::: This uses AIRTIME, just like a voice call!!!! :::::NOTE

    NOTE::::: Remember to change the Service back to PCS Vision or whatever you want your default to be, whatever is displayed in Preferences -> Network when you move away from that screen becomes the default for networking!
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