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    I'm having difficulty retrieving messages from my home answering machine. It requires a 3 digit code to be entered, with each tone being 2 seconds long. Even with "enable short DTMF tones" unchecked, I can only generate a tone that seems much less than one second. Actually, the length of the tone doesn't seem to change with this box checked or unchecked.

    Anybody have any ideas?

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    I've got the same problem with my GSM Treo and my home answering machine (and on the GSM version, there's not even the option to un-enable short DTMF tones). I posted about this quite a while ago and got no workable solution.
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    get a new answering machine -- $20 at Staples.

    Staples, that was easy
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    Hmmm....not sure if this will work, but have ya'll tried using TelTone? You should be able to create long DTMF tones in conjuction with TakePhone using this. However, it doesn't it the Treo600 as a compatible device... Perhaps you should ask the developer, Shimon Shnitzer, directly if this is possible in this thread...
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    Hi all,

    1. I'm afraid TeleTone would not help here, since I think he is reffering to calling over wireless. TeleTone plays the DTMF over the local speakers.

    2. You are correct about the "compatible with" list. I will fix this. Thanks !
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    At the extreme risk of sounding like a total smart @#$, why not update your home phone with Vonage and forward your calls after the home phone rings for 15 seconds... you will never miss a call... there is always more than one way to skin a cat!
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    i just realize about the short DTMF tone on treo .. sheeeshhhh
    why why why ????
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    Hey!!! With the new firmware (3.05 ROW) I CAN NOW dial into my home answering machine to check my messages. Woo hoo!

    Apparently Palm lengthened the tones in the latest firmware! Problem solved!
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