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    I used method A to upgrade my Treo 600 to FW 3.04, but my Palm OS level is 3.5.3. I had a PALM VIIx prior to the Treo and used a backup from the VIIx to restore to the Treo. Should my Treo be at Palm OS level 5.2.X? If I am supposed to be at 5.2.x, where can i find the upgrade?

    Thanks for the Help!!!
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    When I restored from my Palm VIIx there was an update_3.5.3.prc file that got transered to my Treo. I could not delete the file with super Utility so I backed up, hard reset, deleted the update_3.5.3.prc file from the palm\userid\backup folder and restored. now I am back to 5.2.1!


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