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    Has anyone been able to get Basejet to work with AOL via their IMAP server?

    The Basejet website indicates that it works with AOL, and while I am getting connected (it downloaded my inbox to my Treo). However, I can't get it to send an outgoing message.

    I keep getting an error message that SEARCH is not supported.

    Can anyone help? I know there is a way to get this work, since the Basejet website says it works with AOL.


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    I don't use Basejet, so I don't know much about their service, but they were offering AOL email as part of their service before AOL made IMAP/SMTP available. Therefore, if you want to use AOL's IMAP servers, you might do better to use Basejet with IMAP and specify AOL's IMAP/SMTP servers instead of using Basejet's AOL implementation.

    - Mike
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    Yeah, I tried that, but it still isn't working right.

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