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    Hi there,
    By this time tomorrow I should hopefully be the proud ownder of an Orange (UK) Treo 600 smartphone. However, I'm thinking about kitting it out with a couple of accessories, such as the Seiko SmatPad2 or the InkLink (I haven't made up my mind yet!). The problem is, I'm not sure if either of them will work with the T.600. According to the Seiko site, the SmartPad2 doesn't work, but the InkLink does. This confuses me a little, as both use the same IR protocol and software/drivers. So, could I please have confirmation from Treo 600 + Seiko users of if their SmartPad or InkLink works Ok.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    I bought the InkLink when they were on sale a few weeks back. It does work with the T6.
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    Excellent, thanks for that!

    Now, if someone could just confirm if the SmartPad2 works as well..


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