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    Does anyone know what the gray sort of circular rubber patch covers below the Treo 600 antenna?
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    Below the rubber bung is, as you suggest in your title, a socket for an external antenna connection. Car-kits etc use this.
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    Is there a booster or repeater antenna connector that would fit this port? I have crummy reception where I am.
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    It's THB-USA's sales site. They have a signal amplifier listed, however I haven't actually seen one, so I'm not H
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    does the new car kit from palm one use the antenna connection you are referring too or does it use the connector on the bottom?
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    the original Handspring Carkit (=THB-Carkit) uses the connector on the backside.
    There´s no second antenna connector on the bottom, theres only the headset connector and the 15pin- connector.


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