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    I am looking to upgrade my email, contacts and calendar apps. I am looking at Agendus and can't tell (after reading their manual) how it handles attachments with native apps. I like what I see but want to make sure that If a client emails me an Excel file for me to review, I can open it, edit it and return it to them.

    I have Documents to Go but I am having trouble figuring out how to open an attached Excel file sent to me in an email AS A NATIVE FILE!

    Can someone that uses Agendus help me with this issue?
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    when you say agendus, you mean agendus pro which comes with its own email client?

    the email client should just pass off the attachment to Doc2Go. If you have the full version of Doc2Go (not just the included viewer that came with the treo), you should be able to open edit and then resend the file.
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    Thanks, Felipe, I have a demo of the Agendus Pro and the full version of Docs2Go.
    So, it sounds like I should be able to use the Agendus Pro to read, edit, reply & compose email off my Outlook client in my office similar to the way Sprint's Business Connection does. If it works like Sprint's BC a composed email is sent out with my office's email address and the sent message in my office's Outlook.

    With these apps, should the Docs2Go open an Excel file in an editable format? Now, when I try to open and Excel file, it looks like a work doc. Did I install something wrong?

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