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    Hi there...

    I have just got myself a Treo600. It is in fact my very first Palm device, having been a PPC user before.

    I have downloaded WordToGo and SheetToGo into my Treo. When I go to Menu in App Launcher, select App then Info, I see a whole list of apps in my Treo. The WordToGo and SheetToGo are also in the list, as is OldGraffiti 2 Lib,
    but I cannot (for the life of me) figure out how to activate them. They are not listed in the Application Launcher, so if anyone of you can kindly guide me... it'd be greatly appreciated.

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    . Open up Documents To Go on your Desktop PC.
    2. Click Help.
    3. Click "Re-install Handheld Applications"
    4. Make sure the application "Documents" is checked.
    5. Press ok.

    Hot sync.

    Sounds like you are missing the documents application on your Treo. This is the app that controls sheet and word to go.
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    Question, I can't seem to figure out what is meant by point number 1 above.

    Does it mean I should open the DocsToGo.prc file? I tried that but it only sends the file to the Install tool window.

    Does it mean I should go to the website? I went to the website but could not find the links stated.

    So what exactly do you mean by "Open up Documents To Go on your Desktop PC."

    Sorry, I feel like a kid learning to walk...
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    Do you not have Documents To Go installed on your computer?
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    No sir...
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    Well then it's clear that you did not set up the program correctly.

    You should start the entire installation process over again. The should be a setup.exe file that you need to click on to properly start the process. Documents To Go contains both files for your Treo as well as a small program which gets installed onto your PC so that you can convert files from your PC into a format your Treo can read.
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    this is the view-only version that came with the Treo bundle, right?
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    Even if it's view only, you still need the application on your PC to convert the files into Documents To Go format as well as the conduit which allows transfer of the files to your Treo.

    Like I said, also sounds like you are missing the "Documents" .prc. Just having the Sheet and Word To Go .prcs is not enough.

    You need to start the installation over again paying a little bit more attention to the instructions. How did you get the Sheet and Word To Go .prcs on your Treo?
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    all of them came with the bundle.

    Sigh... thought of converting from PPC to Palm.. but alas... still yet to what's so great about Palm. More hassle than anything else.
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    It's really not a hassle at all. I mean, I don't mean to sound harsh, but if you don't install the software the correct way how do you expect it to work properly?
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    Word to go and sheet to go that came bundled with your treo are for viewing excel and word files that are delivered to your treo via an email as attachments only. They are strictly viewers and will not show up as icons in the applications to "launch". If you want to sync word/excel files from your pc onto your treo and manage the files on your treo, you need to purchase the full version of docs to go from Data Viz. This is what Igreenberg is referring to. At which point you will than have sheet to go and word to go icons on your treo and you can than open the app and view the files that are stored on your treo.
    Hope this helps...
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    Thank you millerhifi. You explained it best.

    Igreenberg, I hope you don't get frustrated with me. I understand what you're saying now.

    I'll have tonnes of questions in the very near future about the Treo 600 and the softwares, I'm sure.

    Anyway, are there any software for Palm that I can use free? Are there any websites that has these free wares? Coz all the ones I've gone to require purchase for even the simplest app, like Alarms (to wake up in the morning!).
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    I'm not frustrated with you at all. Sorry I couldn't explain it better. Ask all the questions you need. It actually sounded like you were the one getting frustrated.

    We really don't like discussing "wares" here but for shareware and freeware you can visit sites like
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    Quote Originally Posted by treysha
    Anyway, are there any software for Palm that I can use free? Are there any websites that has these free wares? Coz all the ones I've gone to require purchase for even the simplest app, like Alarms (to wake up in the morning!).

    You can use this freeware version of BigClock as an alarm!

    Anymore questions, and I'll be happy to answer them!
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    I am at the same stage as treysha, but am still working on"docs" can you help me to get the alarm on Bigclock to work when I turn the phone on in the morning the alarm
    goes off then !
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    Ive worked it out (feel a bit silly ) turn off keylock!!

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