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    before upgrading my treo 600 from Orange france,
    i've a question about this release firmware:

    Is it really compatible with treo 600 hardware Type A
    and after upgrading is it all ORANGE items like backup
    and others features will be active in my phone or not.

    many thanks for reply
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    I installed it about a week ago when I started using my rev. B Treo again and it works without problems as far as network connectivity, calling and internet access is concerned, fixing a lot of problems I'd had with the original firmware (the main reasons for me dumping the Treo for a couple of months).

    However, as with all non-Orange firmware updates, it will remove custom Orange features, such as their bookmarks and applications. You should back them up before doing the upgrade and reinstall them afterwards (and if you do that, I'd be very grateful if you could send me the backup/restore prcs!)

    Treo 600 rev. B
    Grenoble, France
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    You will find that a backup does not save your Orange preferences for backup, etc. Your internet connection details and SMS etc are all stored on your SIM card so you will retain those details. There is no way to save the ROM Orange stuff for restore after upgrading, but it is no loss, all you require after upgrade is a simple programme like Backupman or Backupbuddy which saves your stuff to an SD card which you can carry with you. I do not think the Orange backup was great anyway, and it cost you in GPRS usage to run it.
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    Here, too. Treo works like a charm after upgrade. If you want to keep the Orange-branded items, you need to backup/reinstall. I didn't bother since I prefer the default PalmOne look/settings over the Orange one.
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    Many thanks for all reply !

    Please can i have some details about apps list will be lost
    after upgrade ?
    have you always sms mms email apps with all orange network
    preferences ?
    i'use jpilot under linux and i haven't no idea how to restore
    specifics orange apps.
    If after upgrade it's only a look question then it's ok for me
    but at this time i hesitate to upgrade because i'm afraid of
    idea to have a treo amputate from apps or functions
    for good orange network use.

    Thanks for contributions
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    I'm able to use the Treo the same way before the upgrade. Email, SMS, MMS, everything's fine. However, I can't recall all the Orange-specific tools that came with the phone originally. The only thing I can remember is the Orange wireleless backup, and that's not available anymore after the update.
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    last questions :

    Have you already french language ?

    Old orange bookmark with up key is it available
    with new upgrade ?

    At this time i've a few crash and network problem
    like #123#, hope work fine with 3.04

    see you , Tony in Grenoble
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    Sorry but thanks again to all contributors

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    Sorry, I'm using it in English. And regarding the bookmarks, just make a note of them and add them to your browser after the upgrade. Am not having any crash/network problem but also didn't have any before the upgrade. Salut.
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    When I reset the device, I did see French in the list of languages offered, though like Xelar, I'm using it in English so have not tested it. I did have some problems with #123# on the original firmware (often used to hang the phone app), which is definitely gone in 3.04.

    You can restore all the old apps (and the bookmarks pdb) by using FileZ and copying them elsewhere first... They _should_ be reinstallable (no guarantees though: I have not tried it). All of the core functionality, bar the Backup app and the lost bookmarks, works the same: MMS, SMS, etc., apart from the icons now being the standard ones (which in my opinion looks better since the old Orange ones don't look the same as the rest of the system icons).

    Treo 600 rev. B
    Grenoble, France
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    ok David , thanks for your reply.
    Just hear here an official firmware will be released this week
    may be also in France ?

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    What does #123# do?
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    I have
    Firmware 01.15
    Software Treo600-1.0-OUK
    Hardware A

    Are there likely to be any problems with this update for my Treo. What benifits should I expect?
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    Will this update make my phone unlocked?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Reading
    What does #123# do?
    It's the service code used by Orange France to get a summary of your usage that month. It shows:

    - Minutes of plan left
    - Minutes used outside of plan
    - SMSes/MMSes left
    - GPRS MB left

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Reading
    Will this update make my phone unlocked?
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    I have
    Firmware 01.15
    Software Treo600-1.0-OUK
    Hardware A

    Are there likely to be any problems with this update for my Treo. What benifits should I expect?

    Do you know the answer to this?
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    You'd get a great deal more stability: The phone would crash less and the connections would be more reliable. Sound quality and signal quality have also improved. In addition, some of the apps have been updated with new features and the whole phone is somewhat faster.

    I don't see any reason why you'd have a problem with your device (though if it is unlocked, watch out since so far there is no patched v3.04 firmware). However, it may be worth checking out the other threads regarding 3.04 to see if there are any issues with similar hardware... I've only tested out my rev. B Orange France Treo.

    Have a look here for more details:

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    Thanks, no my phone is not unlocked yet, but I would quite like to have it unlocked.

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